Alec Monopoly’s “Money is snow object” – Live exhibition in Courchevel

Alec Monopoly is flying across the world with Eden Fine Art for the exhibition in Courchevel 1850. 


Celebrity graffiti artist, Alec Monopoly is flying across the world with Eden Fine Art to tag the French Alps in Courchevel 1850. Starting Monday, January 29th Alec Monopoly’s work will be on exhibition at the Hotel Barriere Les Neiges in Courchevel, where the luxury chalet will welcome old favorites and new arrivals to their cumulative exhibition.



Famous for performing his graffiti art, Monopoly allows his audience to get a glimpse into what he calls his “happy place,” and the Hotel Barriere Les Neiges is happy to invite Alec Monopoly for a live performance to kick off the show. Visitors were invited to experience Alec Monopoly’s creative process while he painted one of his original artworks.

One of the world’s most sought-after Graffiti Artists, Monopoly’s work is world-renowned for its meta-narrative that explores socio-politics after the 2008 market-crash. His work can be found in celebrity collections, high-end galleries, ad-campaigns, and contemporary museums, as his audience continues to grow. 

Alec Monopoly

Berkeley Bespoke Magazine in Courchevel 1850