Artisanal Pasta From Pasta Evangelists



Based on its innovative concept of bringing five-star pasta dishes home, Pasta Evangelists is a London based company bringing an authentic taste of Italy through its weekly changing menu of fresh pasta.

Originally founded in 2017, the brand is backed by some impressive names ranging from former Harrods CEO James McArthur to Giles Coren and Great British Bake Off’s Prune Leith all of whom are co-founders.

Very much becoming a household name, Pasta Evangelists has built its reputation on easily prepared pasta boxes produced with the finest seasonal ingredients and mouth-watering recipes.





Often cooked within minutes, the high-end pastas and sauces are handmade in London and embody the twenty regions of Italy through both traditional and contemporary takes on classic Italian dishes.

With favourites ranging from age-old Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe dishes to lesser-known speciality dishes such as Genova’s Salsa di Noce, Pasta Evangelists transports its diners on a voyage of culinary delights.





With limited edition menus also popping up inspired by specific regions or made in partnership with the likes of The Royal Exchange and Ginger Pig, the best way to enjoy the tasting menus is via their convenient subscription service.

Also available to order on a one-off basis for less frequent deliveries, Pasta Evangelists also takes residency within the iconic Harrods Foodhall for a pasta pick-me-up on the go.


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