Berkeley Bespoke visits Natalia Vodianova’s Fabulous Fund Fair in London

Inside Natalia Vodianova’s intergalactic-themed annual Fabulous Fund Fair, raising money for her Naked Heart Foundation.

Natalia Vodianova was back at the Roundhouse London, to close out London Fashion Week with another London’s Fabulous Fund Fair charity event, this time with an intergalactic spin on the event’s fun fair-style format.

Berkeley Bespoke and the guests were greeted on the red carpet by astronauts and given a passport to be stamped at a “Passport Control” desk before entering the main event, with silver spandex-clad attendants bidding them to “enjoy the entertainment and the flight.”

This year it was Natalia’s fifth occasion of the event in support of her non-profit Naked Heart Foundation, which aims to help children with special needs. It was also a return to London, after taking the event to the United States for a New York edition over Halloween weekend.

“In New York, it was during Halloween and everyone was much more dressed up and it’s crazier,” said Vodianova.

TOP: Doutzen Kroes and Natalia Vodianova.

We have met Natasha Poly by the Kilian stand, where we have raced the clock to unlock a series of lockboxes to find a key to open the vault containing a prize. “I’m obsessed with makeup and am always trying to find new techniques and looks. And tonight I wanted to go all-out so I used waterproof eyeliner for the lines and glued on the crystals.”

“I would definitely love to go on a trip to outer space,” Natasha said. “I want to be able to see the planets. When I was growing up, I had this image of a galaxy in my head. If something went wrong, I would panic and think, ‘This is it; I’m gonna die.’ But at least I would have seen space it would be one of those moments in your life that, when you experience it, you think, ‘OK that’s it. I can die now.’”

Andrew Bezhenar and Natalia Vodianova

But the true show-stopping attraction was also the event’s most grand: a full-scale flying swing set, normally reserved for state fairs, situated in the center of the room. “I love flying chairs,” said Vodianova. “I hope a lot of people will enjoy it. It is not a natural thing to do, getting on a flying chair with a lot of people in the room. I hope people will profit from them because I just went on them and it was very fun.”

All the money raised at the 2018 event will go towards the charity’s programmes to develop a network of free support services for families of children with special needs and to create inclusive play facilities for children of all abilities.

Founder of the Naked Heart Foundation, Vodianova said: “It’s been nearly 14 years since I founded Naked Heart Foundation. All the effort and hard work we have put into fundraising for the charity is made worthwhile when I see the impact on all the children that we support and their families. I continue to be eternally grateful to our sponsors, hosts and special guests who join us every year. I hope that they have as much fun at our Fabulous Fund Fair as the fun and happiness we bring back powered by our collective efforts. All the funds we’ve raised tonight are vital to continue our work in family support services and inclusive play facilities for children of all abilities.”



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