#BespokeSecrets – Skincare by LISA FRANKLIN

Meeting with an award-winning skincare expert and facialist Lisa Franklin and discovering her anti-pollution skincare products


Berkeley Bespoke had the pleasure to meet an award-winning skincare expert and facialist Lisa Franklin and to experience Clinic Privé in the heart of Knightsbridge. Their approach is to work on the condition of your skin, which can change regularly, effected by diet, lifestyle and environmental pollution.

Clinic Privé focus on developing clean, healthy skin as a foundation for long term skin health without the use of harsh chemicals, dermal fillers or treatment downtime.

Lisa Franklin’s age-defying scientific formula fuses diamond particles, rose quartz, platinum and frankincense to illuminate, restore and energise the skin – boosting radiance and banishing imperfections. The dynamic active ingredients work on every skin type by harnessing the potent powers of precious metals, minerals and botanical infusions.

The heart of the brand ethos and extends to the smart bio-degradable packaging. At Lisa Franklin sustainability means continued commitment to the health of their supply chain, cutting down on unnecessary processes by considering skincare holistically for the health of the environment and the community.

Her latest range ‘Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect System’ shields all skin types from the effects of environmental pollution and reduces the visible signs of ageing providing a healthy, radiant and balanced complexion. It tackles one of the biggest aggressors to skin: pollution.

Air and Electromagnetic Pollution both have a direct impact on health and wellbeing. As the first line of defence the skin’s primary function is to keep us hydrated and to act as a shield against pollutants and other aggressors from penetrating the deeper layers of the skin. When barrier function is compromised this results in dehydrated skin. The weakening of this vital defence allows pollutants to penetrate the skin, causing oxidative stress from the build up of damaging free radicals, resulting in premature ageing and problematic skin conditions.


Lisa Franklin


Lisa Franklin is a highly regarded, award-winning skincare expert and facialist. At her luxury Clinic Privé in Sloane Street London, Lisa provides results focused skincare treatments, delivered with the highest level of service and aftercare.

Working with a wide variety of skin conditions and ethnic groups, Lisa has witnessed first hand the increase in problematic skin and premature ageing caused from the effects of city life. Treating skin from day to day and suffering herself from Rosacea has provided Lisa with a strong drive to find solutions to tackle these issues. The result is a range of treatments and products that contain active ingredients, nutrients, and vitamins to improve overall skin health and condition.

Lisa has been inspired since a young age by the beauty of Rose Quartz, captivated by both its healing properties and natural skincare benefits. You will find the Rose Quartz narrative running throughout the Lisa Franklin brand to this day.

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