Bringing the wellness and medical World together under the roof of Harrods

The Wellness Clinic presents a holistic collection of treatments and services with an integrated approach to wellbeing and beauty. World-renowned experts, whose fields include aesthetics, wellness and dermatology.

Spanning over 10,500sq ft. – The Wellness Clinic is a wellbeing destination within Harrods bringing a unique concept of integrative beauty with a refined offering of aesthetic and holistic treatments from a team of world-renowned experts.

Designed in partnership with leading architects Stanton Williams, the space features state-of-the-art treatment rooms, two personal training spaces and photography studio all in a bid to promote wellness from within.

Resident aesthetic doctor Dr Marwa Ali has established a clientele within the Wellness Clinic and has become the go-to for her sculptural approach to facial aesthetics. A contrast to today’s stereotypes of overpowering the facial movements with Botox, Dr Marwa is pioneering the new-age of aesthetic enhancements by championing subtle treatment to create a more natural result over time.

Dr Marwa

‘The advances in the non-invasive aesthetic treatments have ensured that there is a strong alternative to invasive surgery.’ Tells Dr Marwa, ‘With the use of artfully placed injectables, Botox, Hyaluronic Acid Filler and threads, the patient need not go under the knife at all.’

A firm believer that the natural look is the way forward Dr Marwa is best known for her expertise in Baby Botox. ‘The natural-looking trend is here to stay, and the days of the over-Botoxed, frozen features are well and truly over. In fact, too much Botox can actually be ageing, patients who have been over-injected look mannequin-like as the skin is pulled too tight and the forehead is often left looking unnaturally shiny.’

The key to achieving this more desirable youthful appearance is quite simply Dr Marwa’s approach in that less is almost more. Retaining movement of the facial features and embracing one’s natural facial characteristics gives Marwa the power to create small miracles over time.

An advocate of Baby Botox, Marwa is the proof that well-administered enhancements can make results seem so natural that one looks as though they’ve had nothing done at all. Instead, skin looks radiant, and expression reflects a well-rested, youthful complexion.

Taking all aspects of one’s lifestyle into account, Dr Marwa gives each of her clients a through consultation to determine the best course of treatment for them in an entirely bespoke approach. 

From the visible signs of ageing to how her discerning clientele manage their day to day lives, Marwa’s medical knowledge combined with her artistic flair are what keeps her clients coming back for more.

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