Chalet on the Rocks – #SkiingSeason has begun

PEAK LIVING: Chalet on the Rocks – AN ARCHITECTURAL GEM in Chamonix

And it is finally here! The time that we all have been waiting for!  #SkiingSeason has officially begun and would like to present a collection of our favourite skiing destinations around the World. The gem of the collection is Chalet on the Rocks, located in the picturesque Chamonix, set at the foot of the iconic Mont Blanc and surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains. The town is not only one of the most beautiful place in the Alps but also offers a fantastically diverse skiing and snowboarding experience.

Chamonix is considered to be one of the most prestigious settings in the Alps, supplemented by World-class local services, that make Chamonix the ultimate winter destination.


The mountains offer one of the most powerful representations of the force of nature. We admire them, we fear them, and above all respect them, often trying to get closer to them.

The main goal when designing Chalet on the Rocks was to create a home that combines tradition and modernism, respecting the magical location of Chamonix and combining as many features as possible into the beauty of the place. Radical geometries and minimalism represent an architectural direction, aiming to transform historical influences into a timeless appearance.

The general image of chalets established over the decades is well-known and it was very important to preserve the history of this place and respect aspects of vernacular architecture. The architects purified the shapes and materials to achieve this essence, based on Mies Van der Rohe’s principle that “less is more”.

The first floor is designed with old grey wood panels, that were found in old farms and cottages, sometimes even that were centuries old. An the roof and facade are the two most important stylistic dimensions that have helped to create the distinctive and warm character of Chalet on the Rocks.

Chalet on the Rocks has been exclusively designed creating an opulent space with decadent detailing and luxury finishes, expanding over 350m²  you and your guests can truly expect the ultimate escape.

With 5 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 12 adults, with minimalistic luxurious design, created for the ultimate comfort and relaxation for any discerning traveller.

The master bedroom features floor-to-ceiling windows, with an intelligent curtain system offering spectacular day and night views. Four additional bedrooms are located on the ground floor with a sauna and a living room.

The garden integrates perfectly with the mountain thanks to a complex and balanced interaction between terraces, earthworks of rocks and plants embellishing the whole area.

Experience the ultimate luxury in one of the World’s most iconic ski locations. Chalet on the Rocks provides the perfect base from which to explore Chamonix, a true winter Wonderland.

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