Dazzling Jewels By Anna Andres

Dazzling Jewels By Anna Andres

Having studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins, influential model Anna Andres has launched her eponymous line of jewelry taking inspiration from the late Zaha Hadid. Encapsulating Anna’s philosophy of ‘less is more, her debut line evokes a contemporary edge and feminine design articulating geometrical aesthetics.

Learning about her thoughts behind the line and plans for the future, Berkeley Bespoke met Anna to learn more:

Anna, tell us about your passion for jewelry as a child and how this motivated you to create your own collection?

From a young age I knew I would eventually pursue a career within the jewelry industry, I just had a feeling in my soul and boom–it happened! Honestly, I have always had a passion for gemstones and precious metals and as I’ve been surrounded my some of the most prominent figures within the industry I have been able to take notes and learn along the way. Over the last few years my interest in jewelry has continued to grow and the only thing I didn’t realise was that the industry was not so easy to work with, however, this has motivated me even more!

What inspires your pieces and how does this make them relevant in today’s world?

My inspiration comes from everywhere, but mainly the focus is on modern architecture and geometrical lines. Anna Andres Jewelry shows an improvisation with shapes, volume, geometric motifs and streamlined lines. My pieced are simple yet elegant making them versatile enough to wear day to night.

Tell us how your motto ‘less is more’ plays influence on your eponymous line?

This motto embodies every aspect of my life, it’s more of a psychological aspiration, I feel calmer and good in myself when there are less objects surrounding me in my home. I feel respect and see the beauty of a human sole when there are less words, but more actions. These contrasting parallels inspire my fashion sense and my jewelry.

How does geometry accentuate some of the pieces in the Zaha Collection and what inspired this?

Around three years ago during on my travels to Venice during Biennale, I visited an exhibition of the late Zaha Hadid dedicated to miniature versions of her iconic architectural projects. I was so inspired by the unexpected and unusual designs she curated and her talent that this led me to dedicate my first collection to Hadid and evoke elements of modern parametric architecture in my own work.

Who is the wearer of Anna Andres Fine Jewelry and what does she represent?

In today’s society, we have the advantage of being able to freely express ourselves in the way we want to be perceived. The wearer of my creations is a modern woman with strong ambition and a brave character who loves simplicity and wants to be special in every way.

What can we expect of your upcoming collections?

More beauty, more sophisticated minimalism and more unforgettable emotions?

Where do you see the brand expanding over the coming years?

Our main focus will be on e-commerce, so we can reach our client base around the globe.

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