Fabulous Fragrances From GRAFF

Fabulous Fragrances From GRAFF






Synonymous with the most exquisite jewels in the world, GRAFF needs no introduction; and, with the House making its debut in the realm of fine fragrance is set to become one of the ultimate perfume houses as it branches into this new lifestyle offering outside of jewellery.

Built on a reputation of cutting and polishing some of the rarest rough diamonds known to date before transforming them through master craftsmanship and a meticulous amount of detail, GRAFF remains the pioneer in faceting the industry today through its innovative approach and age-old tradition.


The same level of perfection is conveyed through its inaugural fragrance collection, Lesedi la Rona, an extraordinary collection of six fragrances echoing the codes of the house and featuring some of the rarest ingredients from around the globe.

Lesedi La Rona is at the pinnacle of Graff’s masterful creations and remains as one of the greatest diamonds to this day. Translating as ‘our light’ in Tswana, the iconic 302-carat principal diamond was one of 62 stones cut and polished from an incredible 1,109 rough diamond found and sourced in Botswana.





Lending its name to the fragrance collection, Lesdei La Rona inspires the masterful design of the crystal bottle that houses each fragrance in the form of an emerald shaped flacon bearing the contours of this extraordinary stone with each bottle featuring the emblematic Graff logo.

Evoking the multi-faceted beauty of the stone, the fragrance collection devised of six unique fragrances is as enchanting as the jewellery the house produces with each reflecting a different mood through its precious ingredients.

The first in the collection, Lesedi La Rona I, emulates old-school glamour in a beautifully refined mix of powdery notes, this woody floral defines elegance and features notes of pink peppercorn, patchouli and leather making it a mysteriously sophisticated scent.



Equally as timeless, fragrances II and III both take on romanticised facades, through decadently luxurious notes. II embodies Moroccan neroli oil and petitgrain, paired with a warm base of cashmeran and vanilla bean extract.

The third in the line, III is just as opulent emanating citrusy notes of bergamot and precious saffron which is fused with violet and rose de Grasse giving it a powerful elegance.

Captivating and alluring; the other fragrances in the collection are both sensual and addictive; each differing in its own uniqueness yet all sharing a sense of sheer indulgence.

The more gourmand fragrance in the line is IV, notes of manuka honey blossom are paired with Brazilian coffee in an almost edible mix of deliciousness.




Lesdei la Rona V encapsulates summer, perfect for all-year-wear, this scent elevates the sensation of being sun-drenched and the joy associated with it, bergamot and neroli blossom is enriched with radiant amber and warm vanilla notes.

Lastly, the sixth fragrance, Lesedi La Rona VI is a woodier oud, rare and artisan, orchids open with notes of jasmine and orange blossom adding a sense of classicism and stronger Indian oud creating depth to this powerful scent.

Available individually or as a set of six presented in a case complete with a hidden jewellery compartment, prices from £270 exclusively at Harrods and online at Harrods.com

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