Fine Crystal living at the BACCARAT Hotel in Manhattan

Berkeley Bespoke discovered a little piece of Paris in the middle of New York city.

Baccarat Hotel & Residences in New York is the first hotel and world flagship of Baccarat, the historic French brand specialized in crystal and glass, founded in Paris in 1764. Located in the heart of Manhattan, just a few steps away from Central Park and the 5th Avenue, the hotel offers a sumptuous atmosphere, typical of the French hotel particulier of the eighteenth century.

 The interior decoration project was signed by the Parisian designer duo Gilles & Boissier. In the 114 rooms of the 12-floors building, the designers looked for a combination of Baccarat elegant aesthetic and a modern and cosmopolitan sensibility. Still, the American designers Tony Ingrao and Stephen Sillsstudied the interstellar 60 private residences hosted in the building and the Chevalier Restaurant, located at street level, run by a Michelin star chef Shea Gallante.

“The best that can be done, not the best that one can do.”

A short sentiment with a long history.

Many of Baccarat’s crystal craftsmen are recognized by the French government as Meilleurs Ouvriers de France—the finest artisans in their field. Having deeply internalized the rhythms of a French hôtel particulier, Baccarat’s hosts and concierges, bartenders and chefs are by far the finest in theirs.

In constant pursuit of perfection, possessing the same attention to detail and precision as crystal craftsmen, Baccarat has honed a culture of discretion and politesse.

Enchanté à tous.


The hotel’s modern, vibrantly eccentric social spaces are anchored by luxe elements—pleated silk walls, a rug printed in a crystal glass pattern, a monumental white marble table.

New York design masters Tony Ingrao and Stephen Sills, respectively, oversaw the aesthetics of Baccarat’s 60 magnificent residences.



 Parisian art connoisseur Frédéric Chambre spent eighteen months in Paris auction houses seeking extraordinary pieces for Baccarat New York. The resulting collection, spanning from the 18th century to the present day, is eclectic: paintings, photography, and compelling works in other mediums, all uniquely suited to Baccarat.


Beyond the exceptional artwork collected for the hotel by Frédéric Chambre, Baccarat New York also tapped his talents to commission new work from 11 extraordinary artists. Each was given ten iconic Baccarat Harcourt glasses to incorporate into art. Diverse and inventive, these pieces are displayed as a dramatically lit glass vitrines, standing silent and radiant in the doorways of the suites.

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