Fine Dining at Oxeye


No stranger to being in the limelight, Winchester-born Sven-Hanson Britt counts multiple accolades under his belt, notably as the winner of Masterchef: The Professionals back in 2019 and as being shortlisted as ‘Chef to Watch’ in 2021’s National Restaurant Awards.

It comes as no surprise, after 10 years of dreaming and six years in the making, his debut restaurant, Oxeye, has quickly become one of the hottest tables in town.

Open three nights a week, Oxeye is a multiple-sensory space encompassing a gallery-come-bar, outdoor terrace and fine dining restaurant situated within the ever-popular Embassy Gardens development.

Diners in the main restaurant can expect an intimate evening of elegance and unrivalled food all created using the most exceptional ingredients and cooking techniques.

Originally destined for Derby, Oxeye boasts that it has just 7 tables hosting no more than 20 covers depending on how many are on a table.

It proudly has only one sitting at 7pm to which diners are transported on a journey from farm to table and can expect a culinary voyage through thoughtfully curated dishes and the option to add a wine pairing to elevate the experience even further.

There is an air of theatre at Oxeye and this just adds to its alluring uniqueness, unlike other restaurants where waiters simply bring the food to the table,  the staff here guide guests through the dishes and the thinking between each course.

On entering, one is invited to enjoy their aperitif in Bar Oxeye which has a modern feel to it and the artworks one would expect in a plush members club adorn the walls – the service is impeccable, yet friendly – it all adds to the charm of the place.

The consistent yet seasonally changing menu depending on produce available is showcased via personalised cards bearing the lead booker’s name and setting the tone; guests are ushered through to the dining room in groups making a pit stop along the way.

A mouthwatering display of the produce and an explanation of its origins and a welcome taster of Oxeye’s signature green tea create a real appetite for what’s to come.

As you finally transcend through a black curtain to the main dining floor you are seated in the sleekly designed space which features stylish furnishings with an open kitchen overlooking guests and giving a prime view of the culinary creations being prepared.

The meal starts with an Amuse-bouche and a generous serving of snacks for the table, think red mullet with an elderflower ponzu, scarlet prawn and blood orange. Fresh bread is also served, and Oxeye has a choice of sourdough, wholegrain and malted rye. A tasty Enoki mushroom, spicy artichoke and Longhorn tongue is also served as a snack and is cooked to perfection.

Taking around a couple of hours, the experience is served over about eight courses with sweet bites at the end, the menu is varied through expertly curated dishes of fish and meat, with some vegetarian dishes along the way.

The first course is white asparagus, paired with Raw Orkney scallop and almond, its light and the blend of shellfish with the sweetness of the almond is a real sensation of flavours.

Moving on, the courses feature donbae, and cornish brill with the main course being perhaps (one of many) the star of the show. The longhorn grilled over bone charcoal is quite possibly amongst the best sirloins in London, it’s tender and full of flavour thanks to the charcoal, there is also the option to have the addition of caviar as a supplement.

The courses continue to delight and one can expect Yorkshire rhubarb among the sweeter dishes as well as another helping of the much-loved Anshu mountains green tea from earlier in the meal.

Go for the wine pairing to complement the delicacies here and you’ll soon see why Oxeye is already one of London’s most talked-about restaurants since its opening in October following the pandemic.

For those also looking for a lighter taste of Oxeye, its chic bar, Bar Rex is also a hot spot for a relaxed nightcap, small plates, and a fabulous bbq from its covetable terrace during peak summer periods.

Oxeye is open Wednesday to Saturday with a sitting at 7pm.

Bar Rex is open Wednesday to Saturday, 9.30am till 11pm.


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