First Issue of Berkeley Bespoke Magazine !

First Issue of Berkeley Bespoke Magazine !

Berkeley Bespoke Magazine has launched an Art Issue, featuring internationally renowned contemporary artist Lorenzo Quinn.

Held at the Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair with prominent people from around the world including guests from the art, fashion, film, media and travel industries. The Gallery showcased a series of new sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn, which are mature in style and demonstrative of his visceral empathy and technical accomplishment. Lorenzo Quinn’s intimate sculptures are the means by which he communicates his universal messages to viewers.
Inspired by the realisation of this vision, Lorenzo Quinn has created a number of new sculptures to represent his dream and hope for love, support and protection amongst humanity. These latest works form the basis of “Actions Not Words” demonstrate artistic progression and his promising experimentation with new mediums and subject matter.
Lorenzo Quinn’s latest monumental installation, Support (2017), was unveiled in May to coincide with the 57th International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale. Emerging surreally from the depths of the Grand Canal, Support depicts a child’s hands reaching up to support the antique façade of the palazzo.

This work marks a defining moment in artist’s career. ‘I am inspired everyday by life, books, poems, my encounters with people, my experiences, however brief: sculpture is a part of who I am, it always has been. I am delighted to be working together with Halcyon Gallery and to be given the opportunity to put together a collection of my works to share with the world’.

 The successful event was attended by the well-known Art Collectors, Travel and Film Directors, including a guest of honour Natalia Rotenberg, who has shared in the latest magazine her style and preferences of Luxury Travel.





Berkeley Travel is a luxury travel agency that specializes in serving High Net Worth individuals to provide the greatest travel experience.

With over 20 years working in this sector, Berkeley’s Founder Simon Binke has built a reputation as a travel expert amongst his elite and loyal client base who consistently demonstrate this loyalty with repeat custom and high quality referrals. Vision: Berkeley Travel Group and Art Director Kas Galos have developed Berkeley Bespoke as a fresh concept in publishing.






A high quality, magazine designed to help our clients and their friends enjoy a leisurely amble through some of the world’s finest resorts and urban destinations.

The properties we have carefully hand picked for inclusion are a mix of refined classics and some of the hottest new locations with something to suit those looking for adventure or just a relaxing break.




Halcyon Gallery was established in 1982 as a platform for inspirational art. The gallery is now based in Mayfair, London and represents a selection of renowned international artists. Together Halcyon Gallery’s three London spaces and Shanghai space host a diverse programme of contemporary art, showing both established artists and new, emerging talent.







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