Francis de Lara is the World’s first fine jewellery – Eyewear House

 A vision of the Renaissance | Looking into the future

Francis de Lara is the World’s first fine jewellery-eyewear house.

The pieces are patiently handmade and unique, from precious metals and gems, and take over 250 to 400 hours to make, individually. The first collection, ‘Ribbons and Serpents’, consists of pieces formed from 24kt gold, sterling silver, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and amethysts, along with accents of precious ebony. All materials are ethically sourced.

Francis de Lara harks back to jewellery of the Renaissance era, but in the unexpected and delightful shape of eyewear, which did not exist at that time, and is now the world’s most popular accessory.

The ‘Three Serpents’ features a tri-serpent motif in the front, with side-temples of undulating grosgrain ribbon textures dripping with three solid white-gold teardrops.

This pair is of white gold-plated stering silver. One serpent is intricately paved with pink sapphire and green emerald eyes; another in yellow sapphire with green sapphire eyes; and the third and central snake is engraved in snake- scale texture with diamond eyes.

The rest of the front features a precious ebony branch motif which the serpents curl around.

  • –  Sapphires pave 10ct
  • –  Emeralds 0.13 ct
  • –  Sapphire eyes 0.12 ct
  • –  Diamonds 0.02 ct
  • –  Gold 3.5g 750% white gold
  • –  Silver 800%
  • –  Ebony
  • –  UV lenses

Francis de Lara: The Story

Whilst living in Florence to study jewellery design at the esteemed Metallo Nobile, John-Paul Francis de Lara Pietrus sauntered over to the Palazzo Pitti or the Uffizi.  As he was looking at all of the beautiful Renaissance paintings: royalty and clergy adorned in incredible jewellery and clothing, he thought to himself “What kind of sunglasses would they have worn if they had had them?”

That idea developed into the idea of these jewellery-glasses: some for sun, and some for evening with clear to lightly tinted lenses that a woman can do with a simple black ‘Le Smoking’ tuxedo or a stunning red-carpet gown, to make a bold and beautiful statement, as an option to the more traditional necklace or brooch. Francis de Lara jewellery-eyewear crosses the boundaries between fine jewellery and eyewear, incorporating precious metals, stones, and woods and the ’Spirit of Renaissance jewellery into eyewear.