“Give And Receive” an official music video debut by Lindsay Solonycze featuring Lorenzo Quinn

Figurative sculptor Lorenzo Quinn and talented singer Lindsay Solonycze released their first music video production – A song of the Power of Giving and Receiving.

The song and music video was inspired by the Art of Lorenzo Quinn “Give and Receive”, the representation of balance and love through hands and human feelings.

“You cannot fully enjoy receiving if you have never given, because you will not recognize the gift you have received if you value only what is difficult to obtain” – Lorenzo Quinn says.

Lorenzo Quinn and Lindsay Solonycze while filming the music video

Accompanied by a live piano performance and quintessential arrangements – the video was produced in cultural and beautiful Barcelona, led by the exceptional live performance by Lindsay Solonycze and showcasing Lorenzo Quinn at work in his foundry.

“Give and Receive” was inspired by Art and the Philosophy of Giving Back.


An artistic collaboration between Lindsay and Lorenzo is an expression of the significant power of Giving and Receiving. It is all about the Love, Care and Appreciation in our lives.


10% of the proceeds from every download of the newly released song “Give and Receive” will be donated for a good cause of “All Hands and Hearts”. To suppor t:



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