Holistic Luxury with Wings of Wisdom

“Beauty has the power to alter people’s lives, feeding into the human experience.”


Having built a career across the luxury sector, Catherine Mugnier launched her holistic lifestyle brand after realising during the pandemic there was a gap in the market for everyday objects of desire with a deeper spiritual meaning.

Released towards the end of last year, Wings of Wisdom is a collection of positivity-evoking candles, t-shirts and fine jewellery designed with an ethos of empowering one’s self.

Founded on a desire to create a brand with a mindset ethos and a community of ‘WOWzers’, it was advice from Catherine’s father that led her to embark on a new path, a movement that allowed life to create her future and through that Wings of Wisdom was born.

Timelessness and responsible luxury set the tone for the candles at the core of the brand’s hero collections, a debut of three candles, each made with 100% natural candle wax free of paraffin. Housed in collectable vessels handmade in Stoke-on-Trent from reusable fine bone china, the candles feature 22-carat gold detailing and iconography synonymous with the brand.  The Thrillsome Trio of candles all evoke the mood-boosting aura of the brand aimed at instilling positivity into today’s fast-moving modern world.

The first in the range, A Watchful Eye depicts a hand-applied golden eye as a subtle reminder of how valuable the present moment is, notes of pink laurel, vanilla and green jasper fill the air with a gracious warmth.

Secondly, Lunatic takes its inspiration from the cycles of the moon, adorned with a graphic of a female moon, Lunatic emanates positive change through powerful notes of vetiver, incense, tonka beans and touches of vanilla all to enlighten the ambience of a room.

And to finish the trio, Memories of Summer gives off a mood of radiance and is created with happy notes of white musk, mandarin and soft orange in a nod to warm and sensual times of sunshine.



Wings of Wisdom has also launched a line of fine jewellery in collaboration with Maison Belmont, a jewellery brand founded by Catherine’s sister, Sarah Mugnier. With a capsule of 24 customisable pieces, the collection is consciously crafted from 18 carat gold and hand-crafted by artisans in Istanbul. Designed to be miniature works of art, the pieces are all made-to-order and feature clever touches such as hidden meanings and personalised messages.

“Jewellery has the power to uplift the wearer to a well-being state of mind, that dates back to ancient times.”

Elevating the motifs at the core of the brand, the collection bares eyes, moons and suns in homage to the lifestyle element of the candles and t-shirts. Hero pieces include the Memento Mori ring which comes as two interlocking parts opening to reveal a hidden message, the Pinky Promise rings which are modelled around a hand wearing a small gem on its little finger and the iconic Keep An Eye On Me bracelet which depicts an eye motif.

Already available across some of the finest hotels in the world including the Six Senses in Ibiza and Gstaad, Wings of Wisdom currently sells its full collection online and can be discovered here.


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