Internationally renowned art dealer Jean-David Malat celebrated his first exhibition at BXR London since being appointed as their curator.

Helping Hands, 2007

This month, internationally renowned art dealer Jean-David Malat celebrated his first exhibition at BXR London since being appointed as their curator. In this exhibition, British celebrity photographer Alan Chapman showcases celebrity shots as seen in his new book, Frame, a culmination of 30 years in the industry. Tallia Storm, Lizzie Cundy, Noelle Reno, Victoria Clay, Jackie St Clair, Naomi Isted, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini and Dan Olsen were among the guests that attended the launch party, sponsored by Hoxton Gin. The presentation will be available to view from March until July 2018.

When Art is your inspiration, the image of A list personalities becomes more than the $ sign most photographers see when they approach a pop idol from the viewfinder of their camera.

Alan Chapman has been photographing the rich and famous for longer than he cares to admit and in that time his reputation as a sympathetic lens man has grown. Not interested in portraying a prejudicial angel or seeking to expose some ruthless stereotype, Alan’s work has become known in media circles for capturing the energy, character and essence of a personality, not their flaws.

Having worked in Europe and the US, he is on first name terms with a host of luminaries from stage screen with interesting insights and stories from behind the make-up. Discretion is his brand, knowing the stories and which anecdotes compliment his subjects, is part decorum and the rest is respect for them as artists.

Over the years Chapman has been interviewed for several TV documentaries including Simon Schama’s BBC series “Face of Britain”, and whilst in Los Angeles in 2007 was asked to appeared in US actor, Adrian Grenier’s film “Teenage Paparazzo” (released 2010).

Layla Romic, Alan Chapman and Jackie St Clair

Jean-David Malat and Alan Chapman

Lizzie Cundy, Noelle Reno and Naomi

Jean-David Malat will be opening his brand-new art gallery in May 2018, which will be located in Mayfair, near London’s prestigious Berkeley Square. Jean-David has over twelve years’ experience in the art world and is celebrated for his track record of transforming unknown artists into worldwide sensations. He is committed to using his years of expertise to bring even more artists to the world stage, and his gallery will showcase the work of both established and up-and-coming artists.

In addition to holding exhibitions, the JD Malat Gallery will serve as an intermediary in the sale of artists’ works. Jean-David has been dubbed ‘the most well-connected man in London’ and will harness his experience selling art through both established galleries and private sales. Furthermore, the gallery will host talks, conferences and student visits to support the art community and to create a public space for all to enjoy.

For more information on Jean-David Malat and the opening of JD Malat Gallery:

Tallia Storm

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