An exclusive dinner by JetSmarter, AMI Global Consulting and Berkeley Bespoke TV

 Connection, Conversation & Community.

JetSmarter, Berkeley Bespoke TV and Anne-Marie Martinez (AMI Global Consulting) hosted an exclusive dinner of Connection, Conversation and Community, where the guests socialised with JetSmarter executives and embarked on sensory exploration of innovations and benefits that it brings to the high-end air travel industry.

The host for the night was AMI Global Consulting, a lifestyle creation agency, which brings together its dynamic community through an exclusive, year-round calendar of the most engaging and transformative personal experiences.

About JetSmarter

JetSmarter, the world’s largest mobile marketplace for private jets, has created a new class of air travel that is able to offer both custom charters and unused seats across thousands of flights. By fundamentally rewiring the marketplace, JetSmarter has lowered the entry cost into the private aviation market, making it more available to travelers around the world, and a true disruptor in the space. Its technology and efficient platform – driven by algorithms, artificial intelligence and mobile distribution – optimizes inventory to drive down prices, create availability, and gives JetSmarter the resources to continue to grow U.S. and globally.

Berkeley Travel, one of the sponsors of the event

Anne-Marie Martinez and Chaveley Menendez

AMI Global Consulting and Anne-Marie Martinez

Empowering, enriching and enhancing individuals through the practice of conscious connecting have become the life’s work of global lifestyle and branding strategist, Anne-Marie Martinez. As The C.E.O. of the consulting agency AMI Global Consulting, since 2009, she has been working as a brand image consultant for celebrities, hospitality and restaurant groups, CEOs, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations thereby solidified her place as the industry’s ‘Go-to-Girl’.

Throughout her almost two decades of experience, Martinez has worked with a diverse collection of celebrities in the entertainment, music, art, film and sports industries. Anne-Marie’s experience across the globe has allowed her to build an extensive international network spanning across America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Working to help elevate companies such as The ONE Group, Pragma Group, Gansevoort Hotel, JetBlue Airways and The Colombian Consulate to take their image to the next level by creating platforms, partnerships and opportunities thereby adding more value to their business and personal brand.

Natalia Kapchuk and Arina Sprynz

Berkeley Bespoke TV is a premium guide to the ultimate in luxury travel, innovations, art and exquisite lifestyle.

A collection of thoughts and stories from the most inspiring brands and events across the globe, Berkeley Bespoke TV expresses sheer indulgence, allowing the viewers to immerse themselves into all things Bespoke.


Natalia Kapchuk and Anne-Marie Martinez

Thomas Williams, Chaveley Menendez, Nicoli Prencipe, Anne-Marie Martinez, guest and Naeef Ba

JetSmarter team and Anne-Marie Martinez