Jimmy Choo’s Seduction Collection

Jimmy Choo’s Seduction Collection




Lovers of the iconic shoes and bags rejoice as Jimmy Choo makes its debut into makeup. Exclusively at Harrods, the brand’s inaugural line, namely the Seduction Collection is a capsule of ten lipsticks, eight nail colours and six fragrances all evoking the glamour synonymous with the brand.





Aimed at the Choo connoisseur, the collection’s irresistible fragrances are encased in an ultra-luxe faceted bottle, and each embodies a quality of the Jimmy Choo woman at the heart of the brand’s heritage.

Ranging from Tempting Rose and Vanilla Love to the more intense I Want Oud (inspired by the power-phrase I Want Choo) the range is bought to life with sensual florals from iris and rose to more seductive notes of vanilla, agarwood and amber.





Complementing the fragrances, Jimmy Choo’s offering of alluring lip and nail colours is as provocative as it is glamourous. Also housed in decadent casings bearing the brand’s trademark signature, the nail polish is presented in the same faceted bottle as the fragrance and the bullet-like lip colour features a python print on the lipstick itself.

Impactful shades of reds and pinks create a sense of high glamour which is evoked throughout the collection in a nod to the shoe and accessory collections Choo is so well-known for. Cleverly thought names such as Red Carpet set the tone for the dramatic shades and each is lightly scented with the fragrances from the collection.



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