Le Rouge Parfum by KILIAN

Le Rouge Parfum by KILIAN

Sensual and seductive, the debut makeup line by Kilian, namely Le Rouge Parfum is a collection of six iconic red lip colours in provocative shades and alluringingly scented.

In a quest to find ‘the perfect red’, Kilian Hennessy set out to create a sensational colour to become each woman’s signature in the way a fragrance becomes trademarked to one’s aesthetic.

Divine shades exude sex appeal in Kilian’s romanticised take on makeup, available in either a matt shade for daytime appeal or a satin finish for evening boldness, the contrasting moods of intensity add depth to the collection which consists of soon-to-be iconic shades of reds.

Housed in the brand’s emblematic Achilles shield motif coated lacquer, each colour is dipped in enticing gourmand and floral notes embodying a harmony of neroli and vanilla almost delectable enough to eat.



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