Magnificent Festival de L’Art Russe in Deauville 22-24 August, 2019

Festival de L’Art Russe in Deauville is a series of cultural, educational, and recreational events with one common theme: the Russian contribution to the World’s culture.

Deauville, 22-24 August, 2019

From August 22 to 24, the Festival of Russian Art will take over Deauville again! This new edition is entitled “The Music Box” and is devoted to ballet music from the 19th century to 21st. The artistic mission of the Russian Art Festival in Deauville is to create every year a program that would celebrate Russia’s great masterpieces of the past and the remarkable creativity of today.

The ambitious 2019 program offers two different ballet evenings, each consisting of excerpts of legendary classics as well as completely new productions: “The audience has a rare opportunity to discover how the stars of the greatest theatres of Russian Ballet interpret compositions that are already known but also what they themselves create from scratch”, says the artistic director of the festival Sergei Filin.

Alongside the compositions of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Stravinsky, the Festival will present the works of contemporary Russian composers: Rodion Shchedrin, Yuri Krasavin, Leonid Desyatnikov and Ilya Demutsky.

The spotlight of the opening evening, on Friday, August 23th, will be centred on Artem Ovcharenko, the star dancer of Bolshoi. Assisted by sixteen other stars and soloists, he will perform a selection of his favourite pieces as well as entirely new works created especially for him by contemporary choreographers.

The second evening, on Saturday, August 24th, is “The Music Box” Gala – unique joint performance of the brightest Russian ballet artists. The Bolshoi Ballet will be represented by a troupe consisting of principal dancers Denis Rodkin, Nina Kaptsova, Artem Ovcharenko, Denis Savin and Semyon Chudin, first soloist Anna Tikhomirova and the dancers Natalia Filina and Eleonora Sevenard. The Mariinsky Theater (formerly Kirov) will be represented by the principal dancers Tatyana Tkachenko and Ivan Oskorbin. The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater  – by a young couple of principal dancers Elena Solomyanko and Innokenty Yuldashev.

This constellation will be completed by the principal dancers of St. Petersburg Boris Eifman Ballet, Oleg Gabyshev and Lyubov Andreyeva, as well as by a star of Russian and American ballets Maria Kochetkova and the principal dancer of the Danish Royal Ballet, choreographer and international soloist Sebastian Kloborg.

In parallel to these two evenings, the Festival will present an exhibition of Nikolai Koshelev, one of the most promising contemporary Russian artists (according to the Phillips Auction House). He will exhibit in Deauville his new project “Moon Pool” an imaginary ballet for which he creates sets and a curtain. Like the Festival itself, this project is inspired by Serge de Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes in which the visual arts played a role as important as choreography and music.

The vocal program this year will be presented by soprano Daria Davidova, a guest soloist of the Bolshoi. She performs on many world stages and the author of the project “Daria Opera Band”. Her performance will be composed of famous works by the great masters of Russian opera (N. Rimsky-Korsakov, P. Tchaikovsky, A. Borodin) and French composers (C. Gounod, C. Debussy, L. Delibe, F. Poulenc, etc.) Daria will also sing original compositions, including L. Bernstein’s vocal cycle “La cuisine française”, a rare musical masterpiece on a gastronomic theme.

The 2019 gastronomic experience is served up by Andrey Shmakov, the Executive Chef of Moscow’s legendary Metropol Hotel. The hotel, established in 1905, is renowned for its unique architecture, historic interiors and works of art created by the greatest Russian craftsmen of the early 20th century. Over the years, the Metropol has been visited by various dignitaries including French President Jacques Chirac, Philippe of Belgium, Juan Carlos I of Spain, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Sophia Loren, and many other distinguished guests. Metropol’s kitchen has always been famous for carrying on Russian traditions. Since joining the hotel as its Executive Chef five years ago, Andrey has successfully used his talents to inject new meaning into the traditional cuisine and has gained fame as one of Moscow’s best chefs, not only in Russia but also internationally.

Over the past five years, Andrey Shmakov has been creating and refining Hotel Metropol’s signature Russian cuisine, a well-thought-out fusion of old-time recipes, high-quality local produce and the latest technologies. Andrey was awarded the prize for Executive Chef of Hotel in 2018 by French restaurant guide Gault&Millau. French gastronomic guide La Liste has rated Andrey Shmakov’s restaurant among Russia’s top restaurants for two years running. Andrey has created the menu of the festival’s gala dinner inspired by the historic banquet held at Metropol in 1905 in honour of Sergei Diaghilev, the organizer of the ‘Russian Seasons’ in Paris.

Back then, the exquisite dishes of that banquet cooked by the hotel’s first Executive Chef, Frenchman Édouard Nignon, received high praise from the esteemed guests, which included Russian painters, poets, collectors and architects. Now, Andrey Shmakov is reviving old-time recipes, providing dinner guests with an innovative approach to Russian cuisine.

“The title “The Music Box “echoes the past, a symbol of the ephemeral beauty of a bygone era,” says Veronika Bogatyreva, Festival Producer. “It seems to us that this title is perfectly in tune with the festival: to enjoy a pure beauty that is born here and now, but that can last indefinitely if it is carefully preserved.“


The destiny of Deauville and Russian ballet has become daintily interwoven at their very foundation. The Theatre Casino is a real masterpiece of the European art nouveau and was opened in 1912. One of the first performances it saw was by the dancers of Sergey Diaghilev’s «Ballet Russe». Unlike the other facts of traces, this story isn’t known well and is like a treasure hidden from a wide audience. Now it’s time to discover it.

The 2018 edition of Deauville Festival of Russian Art celebrates those geniuses, romantics and philanthropists, and the tender friendships and the creative unions between Russian and French.

Artem Ovtcharenko


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Presentation of the artistic project «Moon Pool»


Salle de Fête de Deauville

The exposition of the “Sets for Imaginary Ballet”, created by the painter and ceramist Nikolay Koshelev

5:00 p.m.

Salle de Fête de Deauville

Festival Opening Cocktail (Press and VIP Guests)

6:30 p.m.

Public Opening of the exposition

(open every day until August 25)

Friday, August 23,  2019

The world premiere of the choreography created by the artistic director of the Festival Sergey Filin and the principal dancer of Bolshoi Theater Artem Ovcharenko.

7:00 p.m.

Casino Barrière Theater

The famous choreographies as well as the new works interpreted by Artem Ovcharenko with the participation of fourteen stars and ballet soloists of the main Russian BAllet theatres.

9:30 p.m.

Gala – Dinner SAVVA

Ambassadors’ Hall of the Casino Barrière de Deauville

Historic gastronomic journey into the atmosphere of Russia’s Silver Age.

The author of the menu, Andrei Shmakov, is the illustrious chef of the SAAVA Restaurant at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow

The menu for the Gala is inspired by the dishes served at the Metropol in 1905 during a dinner given in honour of Sergey Diaghilev

The 2019 vocal program will be presented by soprano  Daria Davidova, the guest soloist of Bolshoi.  Her program will be composed of famous works by the great masters of Russian opera (NA Rimsky-Korsakov, PI Tchaikovsky, A. Borodin) and French composers (C. Gounod, C. Debussy, L. Delibe, F. Poulenc, etc.).

In addition, Daria will sing original chamber compositions, including L. Bernstein’s vocal cycle “La Cuisine Francaise”, a rare musical masterpiece on a gastronomic theme.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

«A Music Box»
Gala Night of the Stars

7:00 p.m.

Barrière Casino Theater
The masterpieces of the legendary ballets, as well as the original choreographies created on the music of the great Russian composers of yesterday and today, will be performed by 16 ballet star dancers from the main Russian Theaters under the direction of Sergey Filin (the artistic director of the Bolshoi Theater 2011 to 2016, winner of the Benois Prize for Dance, distinguished artist of Russia).



Historical context : 1912 – 2019

For twenty years, from 1909 to 1929, the success of Serge Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes in France and around the world was resounding. Diaghilev, considered to be one of the most important cultural figures of the century, has managed to enlist many legendary artists to contribute their talent to Russian Seasons, such us Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, André Derain, Juan Gris, Joan Miró, Marie Laurencin, Georges Braque, Georges Rouault, Max Ernst, Coco Chanel and Giorgio de Chirico among others. He commissioned Stravinsky, Debussy, Richard Strauss, Manuel de Falla, Erik Satie, and Serge Prokofiev to produce compositions for ballet music. Many Russian ballet dancers, with Nijinsky at the forefront, extended the legacy of the Ballets Russes through their performances and their choreography to America, England and, of course, France. George Balanchine will create the New York City Ballet, Ninette de Valois “The Royal Ballet” and Serge Lifar will revive the Ballet Opera Paris.

The stories of Deauville and the Ballets Russes are intimately linked. During the inaugural season of the new casino Deauville, in August 1912, the Theater du Casino hosted Ballets Russes for its’ very first performances outside Paris. During two weeks, Deauville witnessed the golden age of Diaghilev’s troupe. Places were selling on the black market. The star of this troupe was Vaslav Nijinski, who has become a choreographer and had just created his famous “Afternoon of a Faune”. When he danced on the stage of the Casino Theater in “The specter of the Rose”, the local press declared that “he soared in the air like the summer breeze of Deauville”.

In 1912, war, desolation and tragedies were still far away. In this brand new theater, young dancers fascinated their refined audience by their virtuosity and vanguard creativity. This little-known episode of the Ballets Russes in Deauville is now highlighted and extended by the Festival of Russian Art Deauville.

More than a hundred years later, in August 2018, Russian art returned to the Normandy coast: the first Russian Art Festival in Deauville had its first edition. The stars of the Russian ballet danced on the historical scene of the Casino Theater. They thus revived the historical tradition by paying tribute to these precursors philanthropists, to these romantic thinkers and the deep friendship that unites the French and Russian people.

Deauville, known internationally for its Belle Époque and Anglo-Norman architecture, is the ideal town in tune with the spirit of our festival.

Rodion Shchedrin

Soviet and Russian composer. Emeritus artist, laureate of several Russian and international prizes. Music author for many ballets, including the famous ballet “Suite Carmen”. His compositions include several operas, symphonic music, chamber music, compositions for theater and cinema. From 1958 until his death in 2015, he was married to the dancer Maya Plisetskaya.

Juri Krassavine

One of the most daring and creative Russian composers of today. Author of ballet music “Magrittomania”, “The Hero of our time”, “Pachita”. Composer of music for works of Sergei Ursulyak.

Leonid Desyatnikov

Russian composer, the author of such pieces as Ratmanski’s ballet music “Lost Illusions” and the opera in two acts “The Children of Rosenthal”, composed on a libretto by Vladimir Sorokin. In 2009-2010, Leonid Desyatnikov worked as musical director at Bolshoi. Author of musical works for theater and cinema, music for symphony and chamber orchestras, instrumental and choral.

Ilya Demoutsky

The youngest Russian composer, he wrote and composed the ballet music of Kirill Serebrennikov at the Bolshoi Theater ( “The Hero of Our Time”, “Nureyev”) and  “The Optimistic Tragedy” for the San Francisco Ballet. He works on symphonic music, chamber music, instrumental music and choral music, compositions for theater and cinema. In 2016, Ilya Demoutsky received a European Film Academy Award for the music of Kirill Serebrennikov’s “The Disciple”.

Sergey Filin, choreographer and artistic director.

Director of Dance, Moscow Bolshoi Theater (2011-2016). Benois Prize for Dance, Emeritus of the Russian Federation, International Prize  “Golden Mask”, International Ballet Prize – The Stars of the 21st Century. Today Artistic Director of the young talents of the Bolshoi Ballet.

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