Meeting Mike Dargas: The Hyper-Hyperrealistic Artist

 Renowned for creating hyper-realistic portraits, the artist is captivating audiences with his ability to convey different kinds of semi-transparent liquids, like honey…

Berkeley Bespoke had the pleasure to meet a talented painter and his muse, that has inspired him for many incredible masterpieces. Renowned for his masterly painted, realistic works, Mike dedicates himself to oil painting and creates spectacular large-scale portraits outstanding with their detailed illustration.

“The most difficult part is to capture the actual and exact moment because each model, each shooting is different. The true reaction of the moment which is captured and painted is significant because it cannot be practised in advance. It is difficult to capture the essence of that moment.”

Inspired by artists such as Dalí, Caravaggio and H.R. Giger, Mike Dargas studied various techniques and since his youth developed a passion for realism, which he refined over and over.

But it’s only by approaching the canvas – all in large format – that one grasps the meticulous work for reproducing all the details. Everything – eyelid folds, eyelashes, hair strands – is portrayed with the accuracy that only a photographic lens can capture. As demands hyper-realistic art.

Full interview will be available to read in Berkeley Bespoke Magazine