Tell us please about a very innovative idea – the Jeans watch?

We always want to be innovative, creative and this idea came in fact from someone else – one retailer – a partner that we have in Monaco, called Zegg & Cerlati, a lovely lady who owns the shop, where we sell our brand. And one day she told me that we should do a jeans watch for a lady and even gave me a sample of jeans. We cut the jeans pieces and made our first prototype and then we thought of doing a complete jeans watch and decided to put the jeans fabric on the dial. The real material on the dial instead of doing a printed graphic. And we found the same suppliers of the jeans which are based in Italy. And we thought it will be fun for the rich! The innovation in material is in DNA of our brand. Not only we are innovative in the technical side but also in material.

How important is the upcoming Basel World for Hublot?

Basel is impressive, all the major big brands participate. They have done a big transformation and re-built the entrance. And previously it was a unique stand, which was like the Champ Elysees, with brands like Bvlgari, Tag Heuer, Hublot, Zenith, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breguet, Chopard and its really important for us to be there amongst the brands like that. From the product point of view, one of the most successful launches we had was a big novelty, which was linked with our partnership with a Ferrari. Ferrari launched a ‘La Ferrari’ car, which is very powerful and they come every couple of years, before it was  Enzo. We have worked together with them to develop a watch which is linked to ‘La Ferrari’. It’s a limited edition collection, with only 50 Hublot pieces with a long power reserve, which is the longest power reserve in the history. Fifty Days of power reserve. It’s a masterpiece collection, which is a very innovative, futuristic and its all presold.

If tomorrow would have been the end of the world and you had to choose one watch to wear for the day, which one would it be?

None. It wouldn’t be a watch. You can ask which watch would I prefer to keep as my last watch because at the end of the world I have other issues than wearing a watch.

So, the best watch, which Hublot ever made, is all black! Big Bang All Black – it was a new concept to develop with a watch where everything is black – you don’t see the time. Invisible time. It’s a concept watch where we demonstrate that at our level – we don’t sell the time. The watch gives you time but we don’t sell the time – we sell an object, a piece of art, a dream, something that you are enjoying wearing and be a part of the social group. The time is secondary.

Are you planning to open more boutiques in London?

We currently have two boutiques – one in Harrods and Bond Street and we are not planning to open in the near future.