Pritch London

Duality has always been Arina Pritch’s compass. To her, no art form is superior to another; both are just means to express something ineffable, a true creative message. This window into creativity came to her at an early age, nurtured by an open, multi-cultural background.

A keen observer of human nature she realised that duality exists in all things. Childhood doodles soon became a full-fledged dedication to fashion and design. Her studies at the
prestigious Istituto Marangoni and the European Business School in London only reinforced her conviction that the market lacked a voice that harnessed that realisation, so
in 2012 she set herself to fill that void. Her choice immediately settled on leather. What better to express the dichotomy between personality and psychology than skin on skin? Demanding and unforgiving, leather represented a territory that suited Arina Pritch’s Project.

Based in London, PRITCH London stands for non-conformist luxury, a virtuoso use of leather that highlights polished daring and today’s versatile lifestyle. These values run
deep in its three lines, PRITCH Bespoke, Ready-to- wear and PRITCH Adventures’ travelwear.

Drawing upon the present-day zest of its hometown and the rebellious image of its iconic material, PRITCH London offers an innovative outlook on leather creation. “Leather is a
natural material, one that is only limited by a designer’s imagination,” affirms founder Arina Pritch, expressing the brand’s roots in true-to- life self-expression, unfiltered by the expectations of others. Embodying today’s duality between elegance and edge, PRITCH London calls upon its
master craftsmen to bring together the strength and durability of leather with styles able to withstand the test of time and trends.