Ricardo Guadalupe, 51 of age, was appointed as CEO of Hublot on 1st January 2012. This appointment has made him Jean-Claude Biver’s designated successor, with the latter now Chairman of the Board of Hublot. It also marks an entire career in the Swiss watch industry, and 20 years of loyal collaboration with Jean-Claude Biver, with exceptional results attributable to this duo, such as the renaissance of Blancpain and the burgeoning development of Hublot, two brands which rival the greatest names in watchmaking.

In terms of marketing, Jean Claude Biver and Ricardo Guadalupe’s constancy and consistency are just as remarkable as his need to keep turning received ideas on their head, as illustrated by his strategy: “Go where potential customers can be found”. This approach made him the first to integrate a luxury brand into the world of football. In 2008, Hublot became the “Official Timekeeper” of the EURO Championship. In 2010, the brand became the historic first “Official Watch” and “Official Timekeeper” for FIFA and the World Cup™ (next one in 2014 in Brazil), just after having been chosen as the “”Official Watch” and “Official Timekeeper” of Ferrari. These two masterstrokes offer Hublot exceptional visibility on a global scale.

Anchored in the present and always evolving, at the forefront of new advances in technology and fundamental research into new materials, Hublot remains committed to traditional expertise, creating timepieces which bear the mark of the most talented master watchmakers. In this way, the brand represents the Art of Fusion between watchmaking culture and cutting-edge technical developments, between the past and the future… as, in the words of Hublot’s Chairman Jean-Claude Biver and Hublot’s CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, “we are not breaking with the past, on the contrary we are paying homage to it by connecting it to the future”.

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