Romance in a bottle: Vilhelm Parfumerie



Having embraced a career spanning from modelling through to designing and producing luxury handbags, Jan Vilhelm epitomises Scandinavian style, so it was perhaps no surprise when he ventured into fragrance.

Very much a Swedish romantic at heart, Jan’s love for artisan luxury is evoked through his library of olfactory scents each embodying an element of his life.

Juxtaposing the boundaries between simplicity and decadence, the ethos of the eponymous lifestyle collection is conveyed through subtle signatures, reworked vintage floral prints contrast with modern fonts adorned across the striking yellow boxes each creation is housed in.





A keepsake glass flacon designed by renowned Pierre Dinand has become a symbolic trademark synonymous with the now-iconic fragrances along with Vilhelm’s floral symbol, which visually defines the brand.

A homage to the unforgettable moments Jan has enjoyed so far, the fragrances are a voyage into his life and recreate the tales with the modern aesthetic at the core of the collection.

Modern yet unpredictable, the fragrances explore florals through delicate notes and lavish ingredients. With each creation telling its own story, favourites include Dear Polly, which reminisces on how Jan met his wife Polly as they boarded a plane as strangers to almost instantly fall in love.




Encapsulating the joys of summers spent with his grandfather, Morning Chess pays tribute the green landscapes of Sweden where Jan grew up before moving to his current home of Paris. Fresh citrusy notes of Bergamot open this olfactory with a heart of Tuscan Leather and Galbanum before closing with Patchouli and Black Amber to make a subtle yet striking scent.

Perhaps one of the more unapologetically glamorous tales in the library is that of Mango Skin, very much the pinnacle of luxury – the extravagance of Greta Carbo at Carlyle is the inspiration for this delectable fragrance. Citrusy fruity notes of Blackberries, Mango and Black Pepper dance with Jasmine, Black Lotus, Vanilla and Pink Sugar in this celebration of vividness.

Available from Liberty and via the Vilhelm Estore.




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