Akademy: The Intellectual Members’ Circle


Akademy is a community of like-minded individuals and enriching events for prospecting members who seek personal betterment through the power of education.

Founded by business partners Anastasia Belyak and Kamilia Shaimieva in 2020 both women bring a realm of business expertise and acumen which has seen the club succeed and partner with some of the finest brands and institutions in the world from Rolls-Royce and Cartier to the Tate Modern and Phillips Auction House.

Having studied at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Anastasia moved to London to complete an MA at Sotheby’s Institute of Art whilst also founding the global Brow Bar chain. Kamilia also studied in Moscow having attended the Moscow State Institute of International Relations before moving on to the US to complete an MA in International Economics and has since worked for a number of international conglomerates. Together, they are a powerhouse of cultural and corporate knowledge as well as a network of connections around the world.

Based on an ethos of four pillars, Akademy targets discerning members and those who seek enrichment, not just through the events they host but also through the learnings of other members within the community. Built on a foundation of intelligentsia, the circle offers its members a curated programme of exceptional events, lectures and tours with past events ranging from private lectures on the history of Cartier and a private concert with The Carpenter Trio on Stradivari violas, (also known for its largest collection of Stradviari violas) to learning clay pigeon shooting at the prestigious Holland&Holland shooting grounds.

Those that apply to join must show a mutual interest or involvement across the realms of art and culture, medical innovation, wellness, film and music, business and economics and the fashion and luxury sector. To apply members must also share the vision behind Akademy’s ethos of nurturing a discerning community, seeking personal betterment, championing diverse intellect and empowering today’s intelligentsia.

Prospective members must be referred by an existing member and can apply to a handpicked committee for approval and can choose from either a standard or premium membership options allowing either selected access or full access to the circle and club, with the premium membership also allowing a guest, more information on joining can be found here.