THE WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE CANVAS: $5.5 Million 2019 Bugatti Chiron painted by Alec Monopoly

A live performance by Alec Monopoly during Miami Art Basel, unveiling 2019 Bugatti Chiron ArtBasel Edition 1 of 1 – #MonopBugatti

Alec Monopoly

Berkeley Bespoke had an amazing experince to watch a LIVE performance on the most expensive canvas in the World!  Together with Eden Fine Art, Alec Monopoly infused Art Basel Week with his signature graffiti glamour and unique street art at his very own gallery dedicated to displaying his artworks alone. Alec Monopoly unveiled 2019 Bugatti Chiron ArtBasel Edition 1 of 1, which is avaivable for sale as it is! #MonopBugatti

In true Monop$ style, Alec Monopoly has found a way to display his work in a way that stands out from the crowd, showcasing a range of his new paintings and sculptures at an exclusive Miami Beach gallery, just outside of the Setai Hotel.

Andrew Bezhenar and Alec Monopoly

This is not the first time that Monopoly’s work has been displayed in Miami, and nevertheless, there is still a huge buzz surrounding the arrival of his new collection. Alec Monopoly is an artist that slots perfectly into the Miami backdrop.

He focuses on the notions of fame and fortune in his works and challenges the spectator to debate the place of wealth in today’s society through the use of graffiti in urban spaces. Infusing Miami Beach with bright colors, a mix of textures and materials and the iconic characters that his ever-expanding fan base have grown to love.