The Boodles Ribbons Collection

Set to become an iconic collection of the house, Ribbons is a dazzling capsule of fabulous pieces imagined in multi-coloured gold and diamonds from beloved British jewellery brand Boodles. A homage to Japanese culture and the art of gifting, Rebecca Hawkins was inspired by the precision taken in wrapping gifts during a trip to Japan as well as the bow used to tie the dress of a bride she later saw at her hotel.

Beautifully designed, the pieces are centred around Boodles’ exclusive cut of diamond, the Ashoka cut which captures the facets of the stones and perfectly follow the contours of the body. Crafted with platinum, yellow and rose gold, the diamonds are seamlessly linked through a trio of ribbon-like strands of these precious metals in a nod to the luck associated with the number three.

The aspirational collection consists of bangles, rings, pendants and earrings and evokes the sophistication and timelessness synonymous with the brand.

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