The Cartier LOVE Bracelet


The illustrious Cartier Love Bracelet has become the ultimate symbol synonymous with the codes embodying love between two people.

Dating back as far as 1969, the iconic piece of jewellery was first created by Cartier designer Aldo Cipullo as a unisex piece worn on the wrist and was soon to define the style of the 2000s some thirty years later. In a first for a high-jeweller, Cartier displayed the screws of the bracelet while others were choosing to disguise such functional accents.

Now a hallmark of the Maison’s identity, the screws were a nod to the legendary Santos de Cartier watch, which had featured screws on its bezel since the early 1900s. Unique in how it is closed, the Love Bracelet evokes the aesthetics of a precious handcuff as it relies on two people to secure the screws using a specially created screwdriver.

Joining lovers together through bands of gold worn on the wrist, the Love Bracelet is a proclamation of togetherness and sparks the emotive connection between them.

Text By Jaz Grewal

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