Trish McEvoy on Mask Makeup

With masks becoming the norm as part of daily life, we spoke to celebrity makeup artist Trish McEvoy to find out how to achieve a flawless look with or without having to wear a mask. 

Trish tell us how to ‘master’ a mask makeup look, is it all about the eyes? 

“My go-to look has always been natural, but now that two-thirds of our faces are covered, I’m creating more definition with the eye by using my Gel Liner both with invisible lining and on top of my lash line. It’s still a very clean look, but adds more pop. To bring the eye out even more, try contouring or shaping the eye using midtown shades to elongate and add dimension.” 

What are your tips for those who want to keep eye makeup simple, but still create impact when wearing a mask?

“For those of us who really want to keep it to the basics, use products that will help brighten the eye.”





Tell us your tips for starting to experiment with bolder, colourful eye makeup. 

“The key is to start sheer, that way you have the ability to build while also enjoying the process of creating a bolder look. Go for any colours that appeal to you, but start with a sheerer formula.”

What skincare should we use? How should we change our skincare if at all? 

“I’ve received so many questions about skincare with masks. Many people are experiencing dryness, irritation, and breakouts. I recommend continuing your daily skincare routine, always remembering to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect.”


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