The Perfect Country Retreat Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

The Perfect Country Retreat Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons




Set amongst the idyllic scenery of rural Oxfordshire, Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons is part of the Belmond group and offers guests a picturesque retreat alongside the gastronomic delights under the direction of Chef Patron, Raymond Blanc OBE.




Situated just 8 miles from the heart of Oxford and within easy reach of London, Le Manoir is an intimate hotel comprising of 32 rooms and suites, each decadently decorated and savouring the world-class hospitality the property is so well-renowned for.





One is instantly immersed into the Japanese and orchard gardens surrounding this stunning hotel upon arrival, and the serenity of this family-friendly countryside retreat is conveyed through small personal touches from presenting children with a chef teddy bear to ensure rooms are prepared to the exacting preferences of guests.




Acting as a key characteristic of Belmond Le Manoir, the gardens are complemented by eye-catching water features adorning the English Water Garden and the seasonal produce grown in the Organic Kitchen Garden. Daily tours are offered of the eleven gardens as well as the chance for guests to participate in the Gardening School, a hands-on chance to learn how to grow their own plants in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.





Championing the culinary delights of two-Michelin starred Raymond Blanc, the restaurant at Le Manoir has retained its reputation for gastronomic excellence for more than 30 years and stands as one of the finest dining experiences in the world.

Open to both residents and guests, the restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner serving a seasonally changing menu of local produce with the innovative flair of Blanc and his team at the heart of the experience. A variety of menus catering to all tastes, Le Manoir offers menus ranging from three to seven courses and also features five and seven-course vegetarian menus as well as an extensive wine list designed to complement the food served.





Enhancing the journey of exquisite gourmand discovery, Le Manoir is also home to the legendary Raymond Blanc Cookery School giving guests an insight into the extraordinary cooking techniques and delicacies Blanc continues to be inspired by.

Opulently furnished rooms and suites set the tone for the 15th-Century Townhouse Manor – come hotel, with most of the rooms boasting the scenic views of the courtyard or gardens. Plush bedding and deep tones of rouge evoke the romanticism of Le Manoir; suites come with Victorian free-standing baths and residencies are on the larger size with Deluxe Rooms spanning over 22m2 and larger suites with up to a generous 75m2 of floor space.

Text By Jaz Grewal

The Suite Living by Crissy Brookshire

The Suite Living by Crissy Brookshire




Born and raised in a small Texas Town, Crissy has to date enjoyed an eclectic and creative working life that has spanned the worlds of tech, music, photography, film and PR.

Her career has seen her working across the United States, from being a publicist in New York to a computer tech specialist in Dallas, and photographer and production manager in LA. Crissy’s life has been a powerful and colourful journey where each opportunity has evolved into the next one.





Currently, Crissy divides her time between her investments in real estate, a fast-growing liquor company and independent film produc- tion where she has recently invested in acclaimed independent film Mapplethorpe about the incredible life journey of infamous photogra- pher Robert Mapplethorpe.

Above all Crissy has a huge passion for travel both across the United States, and internationally. Along with her partner Iris, Crissy credits her travels for “Feeding her adventurous soul”.

Here Crissy joins us to share some of her trips and tips with our Berkeley Bespoke readers.


Home is……?

Texas. I lived all over the United States and I love so much of it but Texas is home. I grew up in a small town outside of Houston. In my thirties I lived in Austin a few years between stints in LA. But Dallas, is where I finally decided to put down roots. I moved here around five years ago and built my dream house. As much as my spirit calls to me to roam it’s nice to have a home base with close family and friends.

What is your favourite bar/restaurant ?

At home in Dallas my favourite restaurant is Uchi. Chef Tyson Cole started this twist on Japanese food and sushi in Austin but now has restaurants in Houston and Dallas. The food is so different–it’s an up scale Japanese with very unusual plates. I love the Hama chilli,apiece of yellow tail in a ponzu broth with citrus and Thai chili-the flavours blow up in your mouth. Also,the foie gras sushi with a sip of sauternes might be the greatest bite/sipof food and drink on the planet.

My favourite bar locally is Black Swan. Master mixologist Gabe Sanchez runs this hidden gem in theDallas arts district Deep Ellum. The best way to order in his bar is to tell him your favourite spirit and whether you like it sweet, sour,or straight.

Out side of theUS,I would sayNino in Rome, Italy near the Spanish steps.It is traditional Roman cuisine at its best. The penne arrabbiata is my favourite but start with the artichokes Romano and white beans and tuna you won’t regret it.

Lastly, there is this hideaway bar in the Beaumont hotel in London. It is reserved only for guests of the hotel and seats very few people. To order a drink you ring a bell and a bartender appears to make your drink and then disappears behind a wall. Great place for a nightcap before bed

Where would you head to on a first date?

Always to dinner. If I want to know something about somebody I will take them somewhereadventurous to eat. If we are going to get along you can’t be a picky eater! I also feel that you can tella lot about a person by the way they treat a waiter.

What do you enjoy most about travel?

People always ask where my favourite place is, the answer is some where I haven’t been. For me, traveling it is about finding something new,afresh experience and new perspective on people or food and culture. Traveling is an adventure that takes you out of your“normal”and makes you think about other people and how they live.It’s also the best way to learn history. I enjoy taking private tours with personal guides. It really helps you get the unique stories of a place.But I also love to wander… getting lost in the streets can be the best part of a trip.

What are your travel essentials ?

#1 aBIG suitcase!!But my best travel tipis to bring something fancy to wear.Just having it creates an opportunity to do something special. Especially when you travel with a concierge service. They are excellent at creating one of a kind experiences like last minute opera tickets, a5-star restaurant reservations and backstage VIP experiences. If you are prepared for the unexpected to happen be prepared in the best possible way.

Where is next on your list?

Top of my bucket list is Aurora Borealis the Northern Lights, because well…… they are spectacular. Also, India because I love the food and the culture. The Maldives is also on my shortlist–I’ve seen the pictures!Finally,I am getting fit and ready to head to South America for some hiking and in particular am planning to visit Machu picchu

Apart from travel, what are you most passionate about?

LGBTQ+ issues are my biggest passion.I am helping my partner Iris launch her new company JunoApparel. She has created a whole new line of swimwear for people who fall in to the gender-neutral territory. It’s an important is sue for me as I have always been a very masculine presenting woman and I felt uncomfortable in the current offering of women’s swimwear. Iris reliazed there was a hole in the swimwear industry for people like me. She has come up with some amazing lyforward-thinking swim suits that have compression and comfort but don’t read as either masculine or feminine and I even think people outside the LGBTQ+communities are also going to like this line. They are very fashion forward and super comfortable for people who want some structure,coverage,and fashion when they

What makes someone a true Texan?

Pride. I don’t know what it is about Texans but despite our difference we all seems to have a deep connection to our state. We will plaster the shape of our state on just about anything from swimming pools to bar-b-que sauce bottles. Our state also has a deep history with Mexico and I’d challenge anyone to find a single town without at least oneTex-Mex restaurants.When I get homesick it can only be cured by chicken fried steak with cream gravy or a plate of cheese enchiladas

What has been your best trip and what is your best memory of travel?

Although I have had may wonderful trips over the years, I would say that this past year when I travelled with my co producers of Mapplethorpe to 8 countries in 2 months for the European film festival tour. We visited Warsaw, Amsterdam, Bologna, Thessaloniki, Cork, Stockholm, London, and Porto. As we travelled, we took care to immerse ourselves in each country’s specific food, drink, art,and culture. We had the most wonderful experience and I hope we get to do it again with future films.

Tell us about a hidden gem you have uncovered on your travels?

There are so many!! Sometimes it would be a no name restaurant in a farmer’s market in Bologna or a taco truck in Mexico. You can often find something really good in the most unmemorable place I love that sense of exploration and adventure. I think it’s important to follow your instincts when traveling and let something happen unplanned. Those are the memories that are just for you and are hard to find in a travel guide. The “we were so tired and just walked into this little restaurant…” stories.

What projects are you pursuing at the moment?

I am continuing to work with the team who made Mapplethorpe happen. We are in the very early stages about a new movie that will be about a bridge club– I can’t reveal too much but it will certainly be an insightful take on a quirky wonderful culture!! I am also continuing to work with with Candy Signature Cocktails which has been hugely successful in Texas and hopefully will soon be taking of fin a huge way nationally.

What does BESPOKE mean to you?

Custom to the stitching. In travel it means every step of travel is planned out ahead of time and so I know that my plane, car and hotel are all going to happen seamlessly I don’t have to worry, then I am free to enjoy myself and have an adventure. You feel secure just as like when you have a bespoke suit that fits perfectly.

When I travel with the Berkeley Travel team I can relax because they have an attention to detail that is second to none. Plus, I know when I arrive, I’m going to have a case of water, a bottle of my favourite tequila, Don Julio 1942, and a beautiful flowers arrangement in my suite!

Bespoke is an attention to detail that makes you feel confident. You don’t have to think about the details because they just happen. Mapplethorpe is scheduled for UK theatrical release this September. Updates available on Facebook and Instagram @mapplethorpemovie


Refik Anadol’s Art of Perfection: Data Painting

Refik Anadol’s Art of Perfection: Data Painting




Commissioned by Muse, the Rolls-Royce Art Programme, Turkish-born media artist Refik Anadol has curated a unique work of digital art evoking the colours of every Rolls-Royce motor car created at Goodwood over the last decade.





Making its world premiere during Frieze Los Angeles, the one-off creation will be publicly presented at The Peninsula Beverly Hills for a week before being displayed during Geneva Motor Show next month.





Set to be permanently displayed at the home of Rolls-Royce, the unique piece namely Art of Perfection: Data Painting is comprised of an LED ‘canvas’ depicting a data painting of data captured from Goodwood’s Surface Finish Centre referencing the colour of each motor car produced over the last ten years.





This vivid use of data is paralleled with information collated from the robotic motions that go into applying the marque’s flagship surface finish to each car to curate the incredible visuals surrounding the canvas. Embodying the complications that master artisans face in an increasingly computerised world, Anadol’s work captures the level of skill and craftsmanship that continues to be at affinity with the prestigious manufacturer.

Text by Jaz Grewal

British Airways Unveils Enhanced Benefits For Premium Travellers

British Airways Unveils Enhanced Benefits For Premium Travellers



Following an investment of more than £400m, British Airways has rolled out an array of new offerings for passengers travelling in the airline’s premium cabins.

With perks both in the air and at the airport, the developments have seen improvements from serving the finest gastronomy in the air and offering the latest generation of Wi-Fi on both long and short-haul flights.





One of the key focuses of the investment is BA’s exclusive airline lounges which marks the introduction of an exclusive new First Wing dedicated to First customers when checking in at Heathrow’s Terminal 5. For the first time, passengers travelling First will be able to enjoy direct access to the Galleries First Lounge and Concorde Room via a two-lane security channel.





Giving greater privacy to First and Gold Executive Club customers, the exclusive space acts as a combined check-in area and fast track channel allowing customers to enjoy the facilities of the newly revamped Concorde Room, First Lounge and Elemis Travel Spa.

Gatwick has also seen the regeneration of its lounge offering which now sits amongst the newer complex of the South Terminal. Boasting views of the runway, the First and Club lounges span over 40% more space than the former spaces over in the North Terminal and feature refreshed furnishings.





Enhancing the airline’s offering in the air too, Club World sees the introduction of gourmet dining in the sky with a fresh approach to BA’s in-flight catering which sees changes geared towards today’s discerning traveller such as food trolleys displaying starters and deserts in a refined boutique approach for travellers to choose from.

Other plans include the renovations of the lounges across the likes of Rome, Geneva, San Francisco and Johannesburg and the implementation of Wi-Fi across all long-haul flights.


Text by Jaz Grewal

An Aegean Retreat at The Myconian Utopia

An Aegean Retreat at The Myconian Utopia



A bohemian paradise in the heart of Mykonos, the Myconian Utopia takes a privileged location set amongst the cliffs overlooking the pristine sands of Elia Beach.

One of five Myconian Hotels situated within the proximity of the beach out of the nine within the collection, the Myconian Utopia brings together a cosmopolitan vibe against modern aesthetics reflecting Greek influence.




Cool neutrals and muted tones of whites and greys set the tone for this intimate hotel featuring 45 rooms and 25 suites along with an infinity pool overlooking the sea, restaurant, state-of-the-art gym and spa complete with Thalassotherapy pools.

Guests staying at the Myconian also benefit from the added convenience of use of all of the facilities at the neighbouring Myconian hotels as well as an hourly shuttle service to and from Mykonos Town.




The hotels within the collection feature access to a private stretch of beach along Elia as well as the exclusive use of a helipad enabling guests to arrive by helicopter or take advantage of the numerous excursions offered by the group.

Spacious and contemporary in design, rooms accommodate three guests with the larger Grand Majestic categories suitable for up to five guests in the two-bedroom category and up to thirteen guests in the five-bedroom living space comprising of 270m2 of interior space.

Well-equipped, many of the rooms throughout the property offer sea-facing balconies with select categories also available with the option of a private plunge pool or Jacuzzi.




Evoking the Grecian design accents echoed throughout the hotel, each of the accommodations are furnished with Mediterranean furniture and encompass ancient Greek styling.

Staying at Utopia, one can also expect to receive the world-class hospitality the Myconian Collection is so well known for, guest services offered by the hotel include 24hr room service, Butler service with villas, a packing and unpacking service and organising pre-arrival arrangements.




Other highlights of the Myconian Utopia include its all-day-dining restaurant Pavilion championing Greek gastronomy, it is well-positioned adjacently to the pool and serves a contemporary menu taking influence from Mediterranean and Greek cuisine.

A daily American buffet breakfast, twice-daily maid service and complimentary sunbeds are just a few of the noteworthy extras that keep this property at the top of the little black book for today’s discerning traveller.

Text by Jaz Grewal


Authentic Japanese Dining at Akira

Authentic Japanese Dining at Akira

Taking a prime location on the top floor of London’s cultural hub Japan House, Akira, the eponymous restaurant by Akira Shimizu offers an innovative take on Japanese cuisine presented in a stylish and refined space overlooking Kensington High Street.


A contemporary yet unpretentious interior sets the tone for this modern eatery designed by Katayama Masamichi, diners can expect to be immersed in the elegance of the space evoking a traditional doma in a nod to the Japanese philosophy of place and home.




Aesthetically pleasing, Akira echoes the epitome of chic with its muted black ceiling and immaculate concrete floors which are complemented by bespoke woodwork, ceramic and sleek glassware. Oozing monochromatic style, the space feels contemporary and authentic which adds to the overall experience either sat on the main restaurant floor or at the popular open kitchen counter with its insightful hands-on immersion with the chefs at work.





Gastronomically, Akira certainly doesn’t disappoint, precision and the upmost attention to detail is invested in the appeasing menu of authentic Japanese which is influenced by modern European accents and Shimizu’s natural flair on modern cuisine. A curation of imaginative bento boxes, avant-garde sushi and robata-grilled dishes, the menu is centred around presenting the best ingredients in artfully thought out pairings of meat, vegetables and fish.

Served a la carte or through one of Akira’s Omakase menus, the theatre of the culinary delights adds fusion and excitement, once can expect to be served robata dishes sizzling on specially-crafted lava stones and the much-loved bento boxes synonymous with the restaurant are reminiscent of jewellery boxes filled with creatively produced sushi and sashimi.



Favourites on the menu range from speciality osozai and sashimi featuring the likes of salmon with fish eggs to wagyu beef adorned with truffle & cheese. Easy-to-navigate, the menu is divided into sushi/sashimi, rice/noodles dishes, appetisers, hot plates and larger robata grill dishes.




An array of Japanese classics are fused with an enticing European twist, think Japanese-style fish & chips and crab croquettes filled with cream. Offering separate menus for both lunch and dinner, highlights for those dining a la carte include the miso pork belly and the very tempting skewers chicken, wasabi & cheese.

Akira is open daily and can be booked online or by phone for lunch and dinner.

Text by Jaz Grewal

The Winter Beauty Edit

The Winter Beauty Edit

With the winter season in full swing, Berkeley Bespoke have shortlisted our picks to keep you looking and feeling your absolute best.



Van Cleef & Arpels


Evoking the emblematic codes of the Maison, Santal Blanc joins Van Cleef & Arpels’ Collection Extraordinaire as the latest decadent creation by perfumer Michel Almairac.

Embodying the delicate notes of Sandalwood, this soft and pure scent embraces luxurious hints of fig milk and musk accord whilst evoking the rarity and sensual aromas of its heart in its purest form. Velvety accords of mandarin add depth and musky notes of violet and tonka bean envelope the pureness of this divine fragrance.

Envisioned as his idea of a ‘soft soothing wood oil’, Santal Blanc is Almairac’s take on creating something pure and white. Visualising this expression, Santal Blanc stands as the first fragrance in the Collection Extraordinaire to be housed in a whitely lacquered bottle marking its refined character and essence.





Marking five years of Cartier’s iconic La Panthère, the Maison has launched a limited edition of the much-loved classic. A metaphor of the femininity and allure personified by the enchanting fragrance, the exclusive limited edition is imagined in an exquisitely decorated bottle baring the panther so synonymous with the history of the House.

Exclusively available at Harrods, this five-year edition encapsulates wonderfully floral notes of gardenia and muskiness in the most iconique form paying homage to its original predecessor.




Enlivening the sensation of the Amazonian Rainforests, Rahua’s Classic Shampoo is somewhat of a cult amongst the beauty-set. Enriched with rare and sustainably sourced organic ingredients, this rich hair cleanser restores tired tresses and soothes the scalp.

Suitable for all hair types, this miracle product is packed full of antioxidants known to promote hair growth and contains natural oils to moisturise and strengthen.

Made with the brand’s coveted omega-9 rich Rahua oil, the natural formula leaves hair feeling luxuriant and looking luminous and silky. Forest inspired fragrances of Palo Santo oil and its uniquely concentrated composition makes the perfect combination for a balanced scalp and gorgeously soft hair all-year-round.



Vilhelm Parfumerie




Dedicated to the floral wonder of the peony, Jan Vilhelm’s latest addition to his library of olfactory creations is Peony Couture. Inspired by the unexpected appearance of this wonderous plant amongst a bouquet of red roses he ordered back in 2008, Peony Couture evokes the elegance of this unapologetically present creation that stayed with Vilhelm from that moment on.

Popping up at the likes of Liberty where the fragrance is exclusively available and present randomly in shoes and bags he crossed paths with this romanticised peony which the namesake fragrance represents.

Unmistakeably French and floral, Peony Couture opens with enticing notes of black pepper and aniseed, an undeniable heart of peony and Turkish rose absolute with enveloping notes of incense and wild cedarwood making a strong and enchanting fragrance.

Text by Jaz Grewal

A Taste of Nobu in Barcelona

A Taste of Nobu in Barcelona





With breath-taking views of Barcelona’s skyline and the signature cuisine loved around the world, Nobu’s latest outpost within the newly opened Nobu Hotel Barcelona has already been dubbed the chicest opening in the Catalan city for years.

Taking prime position within the uber-trendy hotel, Nobu Barcelona is situated on the 23-rd floor of the sky-high building giving diners prime views from all directions in a stylish lounge-style restaurant and sushi bar.

Evoking the design accents Nobu is synonymous with, the restaurant oozes style with neutral tones contrasted with rich mahogany leather chairs and plush sofas centred around the dining floor.




Contemporary woodwork and a panelled ceiling complement the awing views and the décor echoes the design-led vibe of the hotel keeping in tone with the distinctive architecture and flair themed throughout.

Offering a menu led by Nobu Executive Chef Hervé Courtot, Nobu Barcelona serves a selection of much-loved Nobu Classics against innovative dishes pairing modern Japanese cuisine with Catalan influence.

Classic dishes on the menu range from Nobu’s famed Black Cod with Miso and Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy Sauce to its signature New Style Sashimi. A well-varied selection of hot and cold dishes, one can expect to get a real flavour for Nobu through a well-thought-out assortment of Tempura, Sushi Maki and Sashimi alongside favoured larger plates and hot dishes.





In a nod to Nobu’s ethos, the menu is very-much a curation of sharing dishes and the service is centred around this concept of small and hot plates. Served a la carté or as an Omakase multi-course menu, Nobu’s fine Japanese is triumphed at its Barcelona outpost and to catch a real flavour of the menu it’s to best to order a few plates per person.

Nicely tied in with the menu is an offering of smaller Shuko snacks, Nobu Tacos and Kushiyaki for a lighter meal; the Nobu Wagyu Sliders and Lobster Wasabi with Sour Cream Tacos are particular highlights and give a nice fusion of flavours when ordered together.

Split into Classic and Now dishes, Nobu’s hot dishes include modern takes on Japanese classics and more contemporary dishes of seafood, meat and vegetables.




Try the Soft Shell Crab Kara-age with Ponzu as a particular delicacy and for a real treat, the Pan-fried Scallops with Yuzu Truffle don’t disappoint, the Grade A5 Wagyu on the menu is also some of the finest available in the region.

Nobu Barcelona is open daily and reservations are strongly advised, for private events the restaurant also offers a private dining room perfectly appointed for intimate dinners and events.

Text by Jaz Grewal

The Black Badge Cullinan

The Black Badge Cullinan


Adding to the exclusive Black Badge collection of the marque, Rolls-Royce has debuted the Cullinan Black Badge completing the family that stands as the ultimate collection of ultra-luxe motors in the marque’s portfolio.

Reflecting the tastes of the distinguished clientele the Black Badge represents, Cullinan embodies the rebellious and unconventional codes echoed throughout the collection in an urbanised adaptation of the 4×4 bearing the namesake badge in all its glory.

Originally launched in 2018 to attract a newer generation of more adventure-savvy clients and to answer the growing demand for a luxury SUV, Cullinan was Rolls-Royce’s answer to a sleek off-road vehicle capable of voyaging through the wilderness but with all of the luxuries today’s connoisseurs look for.

Now in a revamped all-black façade, the Black Badge is expected to become one of the most sought-off variations within the line against the available 44,000 ready-to-wear colour options and allures in the signature glossy hue of night-black achieved through a vigorous layering of lacquer and hand-polishing. Complementing this monochromatic expression, the Double R badge is reimagined in a bold silver-on-black finish and the emblematic Spirit of Ecstasy is presented in a rich black chrome defining the Cullinan’s newly found alter-identity.



Other exterior modifications to the Black Badge include darkening the chrome features of the vehicle across the trim, the front grille surround, exhaust pipes and boot handle are all revisited in a darker finish adding depth to the darkness of the soon-to-be iconic edition of the model. One of the key signatures of the model is the welcome addition of dramatic 22-inch forged allow wheels exclusively available for the Black Badge Cullinan and emphasising the emblematic hallmark of an infinitely occurring lemniscate.

Adding to the overall bespoke element of the Black Badge, the Cullinan’s interior is completely customisable in an almost unlimited offering of colourways, this is in addition to the newly introduced Forge Yellow developed as a high-contrasting colourway to be offered for the leather and trim in a dramatic way of expressing the unapologetic intensity evoked by the model. The lower armrest also bears the lemniscate motif which is discreetly embroidered into the fold-down rear armrest symbolising the power and philosophy of the Black Badge and is also incorporated to the illuminated treadplates and engraved to the clock case.



Appearing as one of the most complicated headliners developed by the marque to date, the Starlight Headliner features in fine black leather, handwoven with 1344 fibre optic lights truly emanating the reflection of the night sky and eight shooting stars.



Mechanically, this enhanced version of its namesake counterpart is heightened with a 6.75-litre V12 engine delivering an increased power of 660PS and has been re-engineered for improved dynamic performance. A bespoke transmission and throttle treatment as well as an 8-speed gearbox deliver a drive tailored for off-roading but equally refined for urban city voyaging.

Café Wolseley

Café Wolseley


The first restaurant outside London from Corbin & King (notably behind Berkeley Bespoke favourite, The Beaumont) Café Wolseley brings London’s iconic Wolseley to the heart of Bicester as a sophisticated all-day café and dining concept.

Famed for its institutional British heritage and European splendour, The Wolseley’s flagship restaurant is set in a grade-II listed building originally used as a showroom for Wolseley Motors back in 1921.

Now as one of Piccadilly’s most popular destinations, the Wolseley was opened by the legendary Chris Corbin and Jeremy King in 2003 and having undergone a major restoration of the building to bring it to its current glory today.



Following in the footsteps of its London counterpart, Café Wolseley stands as the eight restaurant in the Corbin & King portfolio and is open all-day serving breakfast through to dinner alongside its coveted Afternoon Tea offering.

Evoking the design accents The Wolseley has become synonymous with, Café Wolseley offers a chic retreat within Bicester Village and appeals to both shoppers and those looking for an elegant pit-stop in the local area.



Offering a modern menu featuring The Wolseley’s signature classics such as its renowned Eggs Benedict and Wolseley Hamburger, Café Wolseley also stands as the group’s first and only restaurant to serve pizza.

Thriving on its reputation for simplistic grandeur, Café Wolseley’s pizza offering is as delightful as one would expect, options range from a Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil option to a more decadent Truffle, Mushroom and Provolone pizza which does quite hit the spot.



Served from 11.30am onwards, the Café’s All-Day menu is comprised of its favoured classic mains ranging from British delights such as Fried Fish & Chips to more European dishes with Chicken Schnitzel and Steak served with Café de Paris Butter showcasing the café’s savoir-faire.


A particular highlight alongside its extensive breakfast and all-day offering is Café Wolseley’s Afternoon Tea. A celebrated tradition within its quintessential heritage, options range from a Cream Tea choice served with Scones, Strawberry Jam, Clotted Cream and a choice of Tea to The Wolseley’s Bespoke High Tea which is curated to suit one’s preference.