The secret is out. Charity Auction by Wladimir Klitschko

 Wladimir Klitschko raises £160,000 with USB stick containing prediction for AJ fight

The former world champion has auctioned his robe and the money raised at a charity event at London’s Royal Horticultural Society Halls on Wednesday went to projects supported by the Klitschko Foundation.

Klitschko Foundation is a nationwide charitable organization that focuses on projects in sports, education and science. Klitschko Foundation’s mission is to create an environment that supports the physical and intellectual basis of Ukrainian youth and provides them with opportunities for development. The motto of the Foundation is “Fight for your dream”. We believe that everything is possible, you can get whatever you are ready to struggle for. In pursuit of this, we design and introduce social projects, locate additional financing and develop cooperative partnerships. 

Ukrainian legend revealed before April’s fight with Josh that he had recorded his prediction about the fight on a memory stick and stitched it into his robe – and he’s now flogged both off to raise cash for his charity foundation.

 Wladimir Klitschko

“I will auction my robe which I was wearing at my last boxing fight ever. And you can get it! The new owner will find my prediction before the fight on USB stick sewn in.” – Klitschko said before the auction. 

 Wladimir Klitschko auctioning the famous robe 

“Is it a degradation that I’m challenger and underdog in this fight after so long in this support? I don’t think so. It’s great. I feel young, hungry, humble and totally obsessed with my goal.” –  Wladimir Klitschko

Maitre Choux 

Maitre Choux was one of the sponsors of the evening. The company is the first and only choux pastry specialist patisserie in the world. It is a modern version of a French patisserie, redesigned to cater to the most discerning of taste buds. Every day and with a rigorous precision, their Three Michelin star experienced chef Joakim Prat bakes the most perfect eclairs, choux and chouquettes.



Scope Miami Beach – pure ARTphrodisiac

The 17th edition of SCOPE MIAMI BEACH returned to the sands of the Ocean Drive and Berkeley Bespoke is delighted to share the highlights of the show. 


Featuring 140 International Exhibitors from 25 countries and 60 cities, gathering over 450 million social media impressions, SCOPE Miami Beach is once again poised to lead the charge for emerging contemporary art market.
Guido Argentini 
 It is the final collection of Guido Argentini’s silver photographs. Evoking the luminous polished planes of the work of Brancusi and the verve of Degas’ ballet sketches, these photographs endow the human body with both the solidity of sculpture and the vivid energy of dance. Using geometrical props Guido Argentini created a contrast between the human body and the archetypal forms of geometry: triangles, circles and squares.

“Ego” Unknown

 “Dust” by James Bullough

“Between the light” by  Sophie Derrick 

 Sophie’s work incorporates the two mediums of painting and photography. She has a great interest in the materiality and substance of paint, and executes this interest through photography, creating a juxtaposition of the two mediums. She photographs the act of painting on to her skin and then paints on top of the photographs, creating a layering of image of paint and painted image. Her body becomes the canvas for the paint, questioning the traditional concept of painting and portraiture, and the barriers between painting and photography. The body becomes both object and subject in the work.
Hunter & Gatti
“Fuel me up tag” by Philippe Shangti
Alone together” by Aristotle Roufanis 
 Alone Together, the photographer’s most recent series, includes images taken in Paris, London, Miami and Athens, where he was born. “I’m always looking for big cities to go to because I think the message I’m trying to convey is stronger there,” he says. Yet Roufanis prefers keeping the specific indications of each setting as vague as possible, omitting locations from his image titles. “It doesn’t matter which city you are in – that feeling of solitude is always the same.”
Gabriel Wickbold

Gabriel Wickbold is a young Brazilian photographer, that has worked in numerous artists genres including music, poetry and he studied television broadcasting. He believes that what truly makes a great photograph is not the technique but the emotion and composition.

“Symmetricat” Dag Knudsen
Dag Knudsen started exploring symmetry as an effect in his photographic works a decade ago. The first “symmetricat” was photographed five years on in 2012 and in 2016, Knudsen shot a editorial for a magazine based in New York city where he used a Sphynx cat as a collaborative model. In the wake of this series, he went on to shoot various different takes with other hairless felines on colorful backdrops. Adding a different perspective, albeit by obscuring, Knudsen seeks to reveal a subjective experience of the divine heralding to the ancients who also worshiped feline animal as a divine being.

“Drifting” by James Bullough

“Marilyn Monroe” by Nemo Jantzen 

“Dalai Lama” by Will Kurtz 

“I create realistic life-size figures and animals out of newspaper with an internal structure made of wood and wire. The newspaper forms have a collage of words and colorful advertising that is applied in a spontaneous painterly fashion to reflect the mood and life of the individual.

My subjects are real, everyday people who are often undistinguished and living on the margins of society. I select and create uncommon characters that have a distinct emotive quality. I use photography to capture a moment of their daily lives. They are often comic in character, dress or body type. The posture, gestures, facial expressions and clothing bring the figures to life. They have a familiarity of someone you might know or have passed on the street. I capture their resilience and vulnerability to embody a true empathy for the hardships we all share. The animals are selected to show their unique breed, size, shape or type of hair. Through them I am able express their innocence and humor that has a universal appeal.” – Will Kurtz



Art Basel Miami welcomes Berkeley Bespoke

Art Basel Miami welcomes Berkeley Bespoke !


This magical Art Time of the year is here and the team of Berkley Bespoke magazine is delighted to be a part of the most incredible Art Fair on the planet.

 An annual Art Basel Miami fair features 268 galleries from around the world, and four leading art spaces are taking part in the fair’s Galleries sector.

“Despite the fact there is some ongoing work on the outside of the building, the inside is absolutely incredible,” said Noah Horowitz, Director Americas for Art Basel.


Every year, the week of Art Basel is – without fail – thrilling, inspiring and exhausting. The fair itself is held in Miami Beach, but the city’s authentic creative centre is Wynwood. An exploratory walk through the neighbourhood is a must on any visitor’s to-do list, starting Wynwood Walls, the largest outdoor street art museum in the world.




The Institute of Contemporary Art will open its new building in Miami’s design district. It’s featuring The Everywhere Studio, a group exhibition exploring the significance of the artist’s studio from the post-World War II period to the present.




First Issue of Berkeley Bespoke Magazine !

First Issue of Berkeley Bespoke Magazine !

Berkeley Bespoke Magazine has launched an Art Issue, featuring internationally renowned contemporary artist Lorenzo Quinn.

Held at the Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair with prominent people from around the world including guests from the art, fashion, film, media and travel industries. The Gallery showcased a series of new sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn, which are mature in style and demonstrative of his visceral empathy and technical accomplishment. Lorenzo Quinn’s intimate sculptures are the means by which he communicates his universal messages to viewers.
Inspired by the realisation of this vision, Lorenzo Quinn has created a number of new sculptures to represent his dream and hope for love, support and protection amongst humanity. These latest works form the basis of “Actions Not Words” demonstrate artistic progression and his promising experimentation with new mediums and subject matter.
Lorenzo Quinn’s latest monumental installation, Support (2017), was unveiled in May to coincide with the 57th International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale. Emerging surreally from the depths of the Grand Canal, Support depicts a child’s hands reaching up to support the antique façade of the palazzo.

This work marks a defining moment in artist’s career. ‘I am inspired everyday by life, books, poems, my encounters with people, my experiences, however brief: sculpture is a part of who I am, it always has been. I am delighted to be working together with Halcyon Gallery and to be given the opportunity to put together a collection of my works to share with the world’.

 The successful event was attended by the well-known Art Collectors, Travel and Film Directors, including a guest of honour Natalia Rotenberg, who has shared in the latest magazine her style and preferences of Luxury Travel.





Berkeley Travel is a luxury travel agency that specializes in serving High Net Worth individuals to provide the greatest travel experience.

With over 20 years working in this sector, Berkeley’s Founder Simon Binke has built a reputation as a travel expert amongst his elite and loyal client base who consistently demonstrate this loyalty with repeat custom and high quality referrals. Vision: Berkeley Travel Group and Art Director Kas Galos have developed Berkeley Bespoke as a fresh concept in publishing.






A high quality, magazine designed to help our clients and their friends enjoy a leisurely amble through some of the world’s finest resorts and urban destinations.

The properties we have carefully hand picked for inclusion are a mix of refined classics and some of the hottest new locations with something to suit those looking for adventure or just a relaxing break.




Halcyon Gallery was established in 1982 as a platform for inspirational art. The gallery is now based in Mayfair, London and represents a selection of renowned international artists. Together Halcyon Gallery’s three London spaces and Shanghai space host a diverse programme of contemporary art, showing both established artists and new, emerging talent.







Draw your own time…

Draw your own time…

Berkeley Bespoke is elated to announce the front cover of the first issue, that is presenting one of the most meaningful creations by the talented artist Lorenzo Quinn.


Envisioned as an iconic representation of the artist’s talent, many of his sculptures were first created as modest interpretation of powerful quotes, phrases and poetry.
A collection of 8 questions has been prepared for Lorenzo Quinn, discovering his inspiration behind one of the most significant Art pieces, preferences in travel and favourite destinations.
“I definitely want to talk about the things that I haven’t had the courage to discuss in the past, but without letting go of what I have already said and what I still believe… It’s about really getting to know me through my work – not just the Lorenzo that you think you know, but also the other side of me – the complete Artist, the complete Person.”
The full interview story will be out in the next issue in November.


Flower Ball – “Bal des Fleurs” in Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Flower Ball – “Bal des Fleurs” in Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild in association with Natalia Rotenberg

In the last days of August, charming Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild on Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat hosted an annual Ball of Flowers “Bal des Fleurs”. It is one of the biggest events of the summer at Cote d’Azur.


The former home of Baroness Rothschild was transferred into a fairytale evening, attended by the gracious guests and majestic models wearing real flower dresses, which took hours in preparation by the award-winning International florists, some of them having around 800 real flowers. The Ball was hosted by the Tatiana Tridvornova, an award-winning designer, florist and the author of “Bal des Fleurs”. 

The Ball was not meant to be just a social event and charity was an important element of the evening. Natalia Rotenberg, a philanthropist and President of NR Foundation, has presented the “Bolshoi” Book, a collection of moments of the iconic Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. All profits from the sales went to sponsoring young talent in a pursuit of their dance and ballet dreams.

From the very first ball, sophistication was the key factor of the event. Live Opera singers and gracious flower models entertained the guests.

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild  is surrounded by nine gardens, each on a different theme: Florentine, SpanishGarden à la française, exotic, a stone garden, a Japanese garden, a rose garden, Provençal and a garden de Sèvres. They were created between 1905 and 1912 under the direction of landscape architect Achille Duchêne, which made a magnificent aura and ambience for the annual Ball.


Berkeley Bespoke Launch Event

Berkeley Bespoke Launch Event

18th May saw the Berkeley team hosting an elegant event at Ashberg House in the exclusive Boltons conservation area in Kensington to celebrate the launch of our publication Berkeley Bespoke.

At Berkeley we welcome the opportunity to introduce our clients to the most exclusive and luxurious destinations across the glove and although we embrace all things digital, chose to do so in a beautifully designed and printed collector’s edition magazine.

Elegantly presented in a smart sleeve in Berkeley’s signature grey the magazine also features a number of high end luxury and artisanal brands.

Simon Binke and Andrew Bezhenar Berkeley Travel’s founders were delighted to invite many of their clients to party alongside them on Dom Perignon and delicious canapes at Ashberg house, a beautiful modern construction of glass, black basalt and bronze which provides a striking counterpoint to Chelsea’s traditional stucco villas.

Berkeley Bespoke can be obtained directly from your Berkeley Travel concierge or from exclusive hotel groups including the Mandarin Oriental and private members clubs, including the South Kensington Club.

Berkeley Bespoke is a biannual publication and we look forward to inviting our clients to enjoy the next issue which is out in November.