Blink’s Top Tips for Brows

With salons being closed for months over lockdown, many of us have been left with unruly brows and now is the time to preen your brows at home in between shapes. Having bought the Indian cultural beauty tradition of threading to a wider audience, Vanita Parti created the benchmark of eyebrow bars, with the company she founded, Blink Brow Bar now being at the forefront of the industry. We were lucky enough to get Vanita’s top tips on how to master DIY brows:


Vanita, what’s the key to the perfectly shaped brow?

“Clearly define where your boundaries should be with a marker.

You can use a concealer pencil to create a parameter of where you don’t want to touch the brows. You can also use it to mark the points in the brow for start/middle and finish.

Then using a tamer, brush your brows up and across. A pencil is a great tool to define the shape of your brow. It is simple. Place the pencil at the edge of your nose and where it hits your eyebrow is where they should be.

Then swivel it from your nose to your iris – this is where the arch should be positioned. Finally swivel again from your nose to the end of your eye and where the pencil hits the brow is where they end.

You may also need to trim with nail scissors, brush up and snip any hairs poking above the brow line.”




And how should we define the shape? 

Brows will always look their most beautiful and help balance all facial features if they follow their natural shape. The right shape and definition will frame your face instantly, make your eyes appear larger and can take years off!

Try BBB London’s Ultra Slim Brow Definer Pencil to achieve a professional shape at home and to maintain brows in between treatments.



Artisanal Pasta From Pasta Evangelists



Based on its innovative concept of bringing five-star pasta dishes home, Pasta Evangelists is a London based company bringing an authentic taste of Italy through its weekly changing menu of fresh pasta.

Originally founded in 2017, the brand is backed by some impressive names ranging from former Harrods CEO James McArthur to Giles Coren and Great British Bake Off’s Prune Leith all of whom are co-founders.

Very much becoming a household name, Pasta Evangelists has built its reputation on easily prepared pasta boxes produced with the finest seasonal ingredients and mouth-watering recipes.





Often cooked within minutes, the high-end pastas and sauces are handmade in London and embody the twenty regions of Italy through both traditional and contemporary takes on classic Italian dishes.

With favourites ranging from age-old Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe dishes to lesser-known speciality dishes such as Genova’s Salsa di Noce, Pasta Evangelists transports its diners on a voyage of culinary delights.





With limited edition menus also popping up inspired by specific regions or made in partnership with the likes of The Royal Exchange and Ginger Pig, the best way to enjoy the tasting menus is via their convenient subscription service.

Also available to order on a one-off basis for less frequent deliveries, Pasta Evangelists also takes residency within the iconic Harrods Foodhall for a pasta pick-me-up on the go.


Romance in a bottle: Vilhelm Parfumerie



Having embraced a career spanning from modelling through to designing and producing luxury handbags, Jan Vilhelm epitomises Scandinavian style, so it was perhaps no surprise when he ventured into fragrance.

Very much a Swedish romantic at heart, Jan’s love for artisan luxury is evoked through his library of olfactory scents each embodying an element of his life.

Juxtaposing the boundaries between simplicity and decadence, the ethos of the eponymous lifestyle collection is conveyed through subtle signatures, reworked vintage floral prints contrast with modern fonts adorned across the striking yellow boxes each creation is housed in.





A keepsake glass flacon designed by renowned Pierre Dinand has become a symbolic trademark synonymous with the now-iconic fragrances along with Vilhelm’s floral symbol, which visually defines the brand.

A homage to the unforgettable moments Jan has enjoyed so far, the fragrances are a voyage into his life and recreate the tales with the modern aesthetic at the core of the collection.

Modern yet unpredictable, the fragrances explore florals through delicate notes and lavish ingredients. With each creation telling its own story, favourites include Dear Polly, which reminisces on how Jan met his wife Polly as they boarded a plane as strangers to almost instantly fall in love.




Encapsulating the joys of summers spent with his grandfather, Morning Chess pays tribute the green landscapes of Sweden where Jan grew up before moving to his current home of Paris. Fresh citrusy notes of Bergamot open this olfactory with a heart of Tuscan Leather and Galbanum before closing with Patchouli and Black Amber to make a subtle yet striking scent.

Perhaps one of the more unapologetically glamorous tales in the library is that of Mango Skin, very much the pinnacle of luxury – the extravagance of Greta Carbo at Carlyle is the inspiration for this delectable fragrance. Citrusy fruity notes of Blackberries, Mango and Black Pepper dance with Jasmine, Black Lotus, Vanilla and Pink Sugar in this celebration of vividness.

Available from Liberty and via the Vilhelm Estore.




Spotlight on Valmont

Spotlight on Valmont


Very much the pinnacle of luxury, Valmont needs no introduction. As well as its recently launched fragrance collection, the Berkeley favourite is also synonymous with its high-end performance skincare.

Built on a reputation of combining scientific excellence with exceptional alpine ingredients, the Swiss brand was established in 1985 and its products remain coveted by the beauty industry’s finest.

Offering a plenitude of products tailored to different skin types and concerns, Valmont’s extensive brands span across different rituals, with the Valmont line at the core alongside the Maison’s prestigious L’Elixir des Glaciers collection and fragrance collections.



Valmont Primary



The latest innovation from Valmont is Primary, a line aimed at promoting the skin’s microbiotic balance in a range of gentle products designed to give long-lasting effect and create a barrier for a healthy complexion.

Perfect for sensitive skin, this range of minimalist saviours see the Maison go back to the basics, suitable for everyday use, the formulas see limited quantities of preservatives and a complex of probiotics, prebiotics and provitamin B5.

A routine of five products either used together or alone, the Primary range is produced using a UHT sterilisation procedure and air-tight packaging preventing contamination. While suitable for all skin types, the products in the line are complex solutions to problematic skin with concerns ranging from redness to blemishes and dryness.

From the Primary Solution which targets localised imperfections to the more generalised Primary Cream which calms and soothes sensitised skin, this range is the perfect all-rounder for skin in need of some TLC.



L’Elixir des Glaciers



Centred around the precious foundations of nature, L’Elixir des Glaciers by Valmont is comprised of the rarities of Swiss glacial waters, plant extracts and the essence of bees in a curated range of highly effective anti-ageing products.

With three hero skincare products and a luxurious powder foundation, the line is packed full of regenerative and restorative active ingredients combined to create the ultimate in high-end skincare.

One of the key products in the range is the L’Elixir des Glaciers Serum Precieux, a highly concentrated formula with an almost instant lifting and firming effect in just a few drops. Applied sparingly, this lightweight serum is designed to refine pores and minimise the effects of ageing leaving skin feeling toned and looking more radiant.

Available at Harrods.


Jimmy Choo’s Seduction Collection

Jimmy Choo’s Seduction Collection




Lovers of the iconic shoes and bags rejoice as Jimmy Choo makes its debut into makeup. Exclusively at Harrods, the brand’s inaugural line, namely the Seduction Collection is a capsule of ten lipsticks, eight nail colours and six fragrances all evoking the glamour synonymous with the brand.





Aimed at the Choo connoisseur, the collection’s irresistible fragrances are encased in an ultra-luxe faceted bottle, and each embodies a quality of the Jimmy Choo woman at the heart of the brand’s heritage.

Ranging from Tempting Rose and Vanilla Love to the more intense I Want Oud (inspired by the power-phrase I Want Choo) the range is bought to life with sensual florals from iris and rose to more seductive notes of vanilla, agarwood and amber.





Complementing the fragrances, Jimmy Choo’s offering of alluring lip and nail colours is as provocative as it is glamourous. Also housed in decadent casings bearing the brand’s trademark signature, the nail polish is presented in the same faceted bottle as the fragrance and the bullet-like lip colour features a python print on the lipstick itself.

Impactful shades of reds and pinks create a sense of high glamour which is evoked throughout the collection in a nod to the shoe and accessory collections Choo is so well-known for. Cleverly thought names such as Red Carpet set the tone for the dramatic shades and each is lightly scented with the fragrances from the collection.


The Most Luxurious Honey in The World

The Most Luxurious Honey in The World




Synonymous with the most desirable automobiles in the world, Rolls-Royce continues to inspire us with its innovative approach towards creating the ultimate in luxury. However, one of its lesser-known products is honey.

Part of its wider environmental initiative, the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood is also the habitat of some 250,000 English Honeybees.





At a time when the marque had decided to suspend its car manufacturing back in April temporarily, this secondary pursuit of the company came to its glory as its resident bees emerged from their hives to once again flourish across the magnificent grounds of the carmaker.





With car manufacturing now back in operation, the bees of Goodwood’s six beehives are once again accompanied by the workforce at the heart of the company and work in unison to produce a rarity.

Named after the iconic models in the portfolio of Rolls-Royce, the hives all bear a steel nameplate namely after Phantom, Ghost, Dawn, Wraith and Cullinan with the sixth named after the Spirit of Ecstasy.




As well as producing what is perhaps the most covetable honey, the project has also kick-started a campaign with South Downs National Park in a bid to save the declining species.


A Q&A With Simon Binke

A Q&A With Simon Binke




We spent some time with Simon Binke to find out how he has been spending lockdown and what he is looking forward to over the coming months.

Simon, how have you been spending your days in lockdown over the past few weeks?

It has been a very busy few weeks for myself and the team during these unprecedented times, I’ve been based half in the office ensuring our clients are still serviced and half at home.

 And how have you found working remotely?

Being in travel, we’re used to working from anywhere in the world naturally, and this is something that remains at the heart of what we do, I find having some chillout music in the background helps to keep my mind at ease when working whether from the office or at home.

 Tell us what the team has been working on and what we can look forward to over the coming months?

We’ve been working hard on improving all elements of the service we offer to our clients, from the way that we connect and communicate to how we ensure each and never request is fulfilled, as well as that we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to continue strengthening our relationships with our suppliers across the industry so watch this space.

 What travel hotspots should be on our radars when restrictions are eased?

We’re continuing to see an interest from our clients in booking their dream escapes as things begin to return to normal. The travel industry has certainly changed in a very short amount of time but we believe the summer season will be stronger than ever across the Greek Islands, Europe and long-haul dream destinations will also be popular towards the end of this year.

 For now, we’ve also seen a rise in requests for UK Staycations and there are so many fine properties in our portfolio closer to home.

 What are you most looking forward to for Summer?

As local governments begin to phase relaxing of lockdowns across the world and borders reopen, I am most looking forward to getting away for some much-needed sunshine and relaxation – that and being able to once again go for dinner with my family and friends here in London.


Ladurée at Home

Ladurée at Home




With a heritage dating back to 1862, Ladurée is amongst the most prestigious Parisian household names. Originating from Louis Ernest Ladurée’s bakery at 16 rue Royale, the iconic French café epitomises French savoir-faire and has become synonymous with its coveted macarons.

Loved globally and with outposts present from everywhere to New York and Japan through to Dubai and Singapore, those craving the luxurious delights now more-than-ever are in luck as the eponymous pâtissier is now shipping its delectable delights via its online store.




Offering nationwide delivery across the UK as its stores and flagship eateries are closed, Ladurée offers a selection of its favoured macaron boxes and chocolates for delivery to your door meaning one can still savour on the irresistible taste the Maison is so well renowned for.

Having also partnered with artisan French foodstore and delicatessen Colette in Chelsea, Ladurée lovers can stock up on a selection from the store which remains open for takeaway.

Supporting the NHS, Ladurée has also worked with Hospitality for Heroes to donate Macarons, PPE and Easter Eggs as well as the Royal London Hospital and Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

Fabulous Fragrances From GRAFF

Fabulous Fragrances From GRAFF






Synonymous with the most exquisite jewels in the world, GRAFF needs no introduction; and, with the House making its debut in the realm of fine fragrance is set to become one of the ultimate perfume houses as it branches into this new lifestyle offering outside of jewellery.

Built on a reputation of cutting and polishing some of the rarest rough diamonds known to date before transforming them through master craftsmanship and a meticulous amount of detail, GRAFF remains the pioneer in faceting the industry today through its innovative approach and age-old tradition.


The same level of perfection is conveyed through its inaugural fragrance collection, Lesedi la Rona, an extraordinary collection of six fragrances echoing the codes of the house and featuring some of the rarest ingredients from around the globe.

Lesedi La Rona is at the pinnacle of Graff’s masterful creations and remains as one of the greatest diamonds to this day. Translating as ‘our light’ in Tswana, the iconic 302-carat principal diamond was one of 62 stones cut and polished from an incredible 1,109 rough diamond found and sourced in Botswana.





Lending its name to the fragrance collection, Lesdei La Rona inspires the masterful design of the crystal bottle that houses each fragrance in the form of an emerald shaped flacon bearing the contours of this extraordinary stone with each bottle featuring the emblematic Graff logo.

Evoking the multi-faceted beauty of the stone, the fragrance collection devised of six unique fragrances is as enchanting as the jewellery the house produces with each reflecting a different mood through its precious ingredients.

The first in the collection, Lesedi La Rona I, emulates old-school glamour in a beautifully refined mix of powdery notes, this woody floral defines elegance and features notes of pink peppercorn, patchouli and leather making it a mysteriously sophisticated scent.



Equally as timeless, fragrances II and III both take on romanticised facades, through decadently luxurious notes. II embodies Moroccan neroli oil and petitgrain, paired with a warm base of cashmeran and vanilla bean extract.

The third in the line, III is just as opulent emanating citrusy notes of bergamot and precious saffron which is fused with violet and rose de Grasse giving it a powerful elegance.

Captivating and alluring; the other fragrances in the collection are both sensual and addictive; each differing in its own uniqueness yet all sharing a sense of sheer indulgence.

The more gourmand fragrance in the line is IV, notes of manuka honey blossom are paired with Brazilian coffee in an almost edible mix of deliciousness.




Lesdei la Rona V encapsulates summer, perfect for all-year-wear, this scent elevates the sensation of being sun-drenched and the joy associated with it, bergamot and neroli blossom is enriched with radiant amber and warm vanilla notes.

Lastly, the sixth fragrance, Lesedi La Rona VI is a woodier oud, rare and artisan, orchids open with notes of jasmine and orange blossom adding a sense of classicism and stronger Indian oud creating depth to this powerful scent.

Available individually or as a set of six presented in a case complete with a hidden jewellery compartment, prices from £270 exclusively at Harrods and online at

Dining and Drinking with Height at Bōkan

Dining and Drinking with Height at Bōkan




Artisanal dining meets skyline views in the heart of Canary Wharf at Bōkan, a stylishly modern restaurant, cocktail bar and terrace offering an elegantly refined yet relaxed take on fine dining.




Occupying floors 37-39 of 40 Marsh Wall (The Novotel London Canary Wharf), the Docklands-inspired interiors of this sophisticated space evokes industrial chic with quirky touches adding depth and character to the restaurant and bar. Large antique mirrors are adorned throughout the space and the use of timber and steel evoke the accents of the history of the surrounding docks.





Bōkan 37, the dining floor of the space sees the innovative cuisine of Guillaume Gillan, formerly trained by Joël Robuchon champion a curated menu of European dishes combined with the flair of British influence using UK-sourced ingredients sustainably sourced from some of the country’s finest farmers and producers.

Innovation and culinary excellence are at the core of the seasonally changing menu at Bōkan 37 which is designed to maximise the flavour of each ingredient in a move to reduce food waste. Available either à la carte or through a choice of chef’s tasting menus, the food here is done to absolute perfection and ranges from locally sourced meat, fish and vegetable based dishes.




Some seasonal favourites on the menu range from poached lobster with blueberry sauce, celery juice and fresh pasta through to one of the restaurants signature dishes, a giant scallop Josper cooked, served with a burned calcot winter black truffle and Hackney Culatello ham.

Well-thought and complementary to each course, an optional wine flight can also be added on to tasting menu options from a handpicked edit chosen by sommelier Nelson Sintrao which adds to the experience.





Cocktail-wise, Bōkan certainly doesn’t disappoint, perfect for pre or post dinner drinks (or for just drinks) two floors are dedicated to Bar 38 and Terrace 39, with both offering unrivalled views of the London’s skyline from above. With both offering an innovative mix of drinks created by some of the capital’s top bartenders and mixologists, one can take in the delights of expertly blended drinks, chilled lounge music against the sublime backdrop of the city below.





Open daily, Bōkan 37 serves dinner from 18:00 to 22:00 and is open for brunch over the weekends and reservations can be made online or by phone. Bar 38 and Terrace 39 are both open daily from 12:00 on a walk-in basis only.