How to Look and Feel Your Best this Spring


With warmer climes upon us, we tell you where to go and what to do to keep yourself looking and feeling your absolute best this Spring with the latest innovations across beauty, aesthetics and fitness.

Evoke by InMode

The first of its kind, Evoke uses radiofrequency facial sculpting to give a more defined jawline and cheekbones without any downtime. Using a revolutionary headset that comes with two attachments allowing for optimal results on both the neck and the face, this game-changing device works over thirty minutes to sculpt and define whilst avoiding the need for any pain or needles.

Innovative technology works to stimulate collagen production and break down unwanted fat leaving skin looking firmer and tighter and contouring to create an elevated and more defined jawline and tighter face.

Fast becoming the alternative to fillers, this groundbreaking treatment takes as little as 15-minutes, this pick-me-up is the perfect lunchtime stop and gives fast results with a lasting difference as treatments are continued over time.


A game-changer in Botox injections, Juvapen is the most technically advanced robotic syringe to take the aesthetics world by storm. Designed to deliver optimum precision, Juvapen is up to 20 times more accurate than manual injections and produces a constant injection flow to evenly distribute the Botox across the designated area. By regulating the flow in a way that is near impossible manually, this clever device minimises the margin of error and is noticeably more comfortable and almost pain-free at delivering the injectable.

Amongst those using the effective phenomenon are Dr Munir Somji of Dr Medispa and Dr Daniel Ezra at Neo Health Clinic.


Having opened its flagship salon in Knightsbridge weeks before the first pandemic in 2020, Forbici has since become a staple in the black books of the beauty elite and offers hairstyling services, barbering and a range of beauty treatments. Founded by Nadia, an accountant-turned salon entrepreneur and hairstyling maestro Tyson Grant, best known for his time at the helm of grooming at Harrods, the salon has also expanded to outposts across Hackett London’s stores offering its now-signature barbering services.

Tipped to soon become the go-to for head-to-toe beauty, the two-floor Knightsbridge salon has an intimate spa-come-lounge area downstairs best known for its expert nail services and private treatment room. Using Balmain Hair products, the salon has mastered modern-day grooming in a stylish setting.


The perfect workout in the run-up to the New Year for the time-poor, E-Pulsive uses advanced EMS training to give a targeted workout with minimal effort in as little as twenty minutes. Taking place in either E-Pulsive’s private studio within the boutique hotspot REPOSE or within the comfort of one’s home by appointment, the team combine the German-originating Electro Muscle Stimulation with HIT techniques and workouts. Equating to an hour and a half in the gym, this specialised workout can give noticeable definition and weight loss after just four sessions, the results can be anything from firmer skin to a more toned physique and strengthening of the muscles.


Bringing salon-worthy treatments to the comfort of your own home, Dermoi! offers a monthly subscription service of facials designed by in-house scientists without the need to travel. Steering away from harsh chemicals and treatments that offer instant results, Dermoi!’s tailored plans are targeted at achieving long-term results using clinically proven actives to enhance the skin’s natural functions. With expert advice along the way, Dermoi!’s coveted Osmosis Bespoke Signature Treatment works to stimulate cell renewal, dermal remodelling and collagen production leaving skin feeling calmer and dewier over time.


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