One Fine Dine: The Ultimate in Home Dining


Launched back in 2020, One Fine Dine is Daniel Hulme’s answer to exquisite dining within the comfort of your own home.

Already known for his legendary privation aviation catering, One Air Dining, Hulme’s innovative culinary creations are carefully prepared by expert chefs and then delivered as easy-to-prepare dishes that are simply reheated from chilled and plated.

With a monthly changing menu of the finest fare and Michelin-standard options, One Fine Dine has taken at-home-dining to the next level, without the complications of trying to cook a meal from scratch.

With an array of options on each menu, the service is suited to both those needing a regular gastronomical fix to anyone looking to impress for a dinner party – favourites on the previous menus have included Gressingham duck breast with celeriac puree and champagne poached strawberries to name a few.

Elevating the offering further, One Fine Dine is also partnered with some of the finest chefs across London and the UK to come to your home and prepare a meal from start to finish – perfectly timed for the party season.

As his concept continues to expand, we managed to catch up with Daniel to find out a bit more:


Daniel, how does curating fine dining menus for the home or office differ from those you do for private aviation? 


It wasn’t too difficult from a product concept point of view because we have been doing it for 10 years with our private aviation company, One Air Dining. A lot of new companies who have set up in the last 15 months have had to start from scratch, but as we had everything already in place our systems have allowed us to expand rapidly as a culinary concierge service. We just changed our final destination from private jets to private homes.


Our service is not only of superior quality and super easy, it also brings the added element of fun, with our plating up guides! We operate seven days a week offering a huge selection of cuisines from around the globe, each handpicked and created by our expert chefs, to offer a high-end dining experience like no other.


Our behind-the-scenes prep enables our customers to fully immerse themselves in the luxury experience, rather than having to spend hours following cooking instructions in the kitchen. We take the stress out of a dinner party, family dinner, or romantic meal for two – our customers simply need to reheat (no more than 15mins), plate (with fun instructions provided) and serve. Simple. 


It’s different to creating a restaurant menu where you think about cooking and serving the dish immediately, in our world we use the cook chill process. The clever part is that every component is cooked in a specific way and to the same point so that when it arrives in the home, everything is reheated for the same amount of time and comes out perfectly cooked. No time management is needed as we have already executed this in our own kitchens.


What inspired you to start One Fine Dine and how has the pandemic impacted the way we choose to spend time at home? 


I have been toying with the idea of delivering our product to homes for around 5 years. Due to my background in the private chef world, it has always been a progression I wanted to make as I could see the uniqueness of what we offer, and felt the demand would be high. I guess in some respects, the pandemic gave me that push I needed to get it going. We went for it as a start-up, thinking it was now or never, knowing that lockdown was imminent. I have full confidence in our product offering and knew it would work well at-home. Plus, we had the capability for high volumes, so it was kind of a no brainer. 


It was the right time as the service has been so well received, and it has really taken off! The feedback we get is amazing, and we are now positioned with many Michelin-starred restaurants.


Who is the target audience for your meals? 


Our target market is broad. We have many repeat customers, and also those who use for a special occasion – a big birthday, garden party, romantic dinner. Our menu is pretty diverse too, allowing us to caters for all tastes and dietary requests.


What can one expect from a private chef experience and how do you select which chefs to work with? 


We have our own network of highly-experienced chefs based in London and around the country to offer our Chef at Home experience like no other; we hand select our chefs to fulfil your kitchen duties, including the clean-up. Taking all the stress out of cooking (and food shopping!) this new full-service initiative gives hosts and their guests some much-needed time to converse in person, while a fine-dining chef takes care of all the gourmet requirements. It’s ideal for a luxurious family lunch, special occasion, or a gathering with friends, and is an excellent way to feast like a king or queen without lifting a finger!


Available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, One Fine Dine meals can be ordered online for delivery up to 12 hours before plating with dedicated slots. The service also offers a full drinks menu with pre-mixed cocktails, beers and soft drinks all available to order.


Orders can be placed here.

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