Kilian Celebrates 200 Years of Burlington Arcade

Kilian Hennessy

Marking 200 years of the iconic Burlington Arcade, By Kilian has launched Royal Leather in homage to British heritage and the emblematic uniforms of the British guard.

Developed by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, the fragrance is a warm and strong opening with notes of hawthorn and black tea accord, a heart centred around a leather accord which complements notes of oud and patchouli making for a provocative journey in Kilian’s gourmand signature style.

The master of sensual fragrances, Kilian’s portfolio now features more than 35 alluring scents in his eponymous line and Royal Leather also wears MAYFAIR as part of its name in a nod to the historic location where the flagship London boutique is located.

In an intimate interview, Kilian shares some of the highlights from his journey so far below.

Kilian, Your fragrances typically have provocative and alluring names, how do you come to name your scents?

I don’t see my names as provocative; more as part of a script or a story. Many represent an emotion I am trying to convey. Honestly, I usually work best on the plane on my way to New York. One of the rare moments when the phone doesn’t ring every 3 minutes!

Tell us how travel influences your creations?

I love to discover new places, new cultures. We are only as rich as the diversity of the experiences we make, the cultures we discover. I like to approach everything with an open mind and these moments are then reflected in my work. When launching KILIAN in Thailand, one night I had the typical Thai desert; sticky rice with a coconut and mango flavouring. This delicacy gave birth to one of my most iconic scents today; Moonlight in Heaven.

How has the fragrance industry changed over the last decade?

It has changed tremendously, but I truly hope for the best with the focus shifting to artisanal luxury fragrances. This has placed creation and luxury at the core of the customer experience, which is so important to me.

What are your vacation hot-spots and why?

I try to change these all the time because I just love to discover new places. But if I want to really feel disconnected from the world, my two favourite hot spots would be:-Relaxing in the Maldives in Winter-Travelling around Greece on a boat in Summer.

How do you evoke luxury through fragrance and in what sense is this reflected throughout your collections?

For me, true luxury should last forever. That’s why I made all KILIAN bottles refillable and all our cases reusable either as a jewellery box or as a clutch. Luxury should also be essential in the excessive. You need today to be a little excessive to create a true luxury statement.

Where do you see the brand going over the next few years?

I would like KILIAN to become the reference when it comes to Luxury & Creativity in fragrances.

What does Bespoke mean to you?

For me, bespoke means complete tailoring to the individual. To that person’s own desires, fantasies and needs.

Alpina Gstaad – All the Elements for an Iconic Alpine Experience

Berkeley Bespoke has shared unforgettable moments at The Alpina Gstaad: an exclusive resort set on a hillside, the hotel overlooks a Swiss ski village filled with classic chalets that is surrounded by spectacular Alpine views.

Since its opening on the first of December 2012, The Alpina Gstaad upholds a global standard of refinement and elegance in the 5-star category. Known for its authentic architecture, local crafts, gardens and art collection it is a home to the highest expressions of Swiss design. The property hosts the only Six Senses Spa in Switzerland, a holistic destination inspired by Asian wellness traditions that draw upon the energy of the Alps and the Bernese Oberland’s peaks and pastures.

An exclusive Six Senses Spa is a holistic destination spa inspired by Asian wellness traditions, which are offered alongside Swiss Alpine treatments. The spa’s 12 treatment rooms include a hammam, a Colonic Room,
a Colour Therapy Room, an Ayurvedic Room, an Oriental Room, a Salt Room, a Cave Room for couples treatments and five multifunctional single treatment rooms.

The 56 rooms and suites all reflect how authenticity meets Swiss luxury. Throughout, the region’s heritage inspires the detail and careful craftsmanship, with classically carved ceilings and timber-clad walls create a cosy feel along with leather headboards. Decorative accessories recall the traditional leather straps used to hold cowbells, an iconic image for Saanenland. Yet the result is also fresh and modern, delivering an original Alpine chic aesthetic.

The ultimate suite experience at The Alpina Gstaad is the 400 sqm three-bedroom duplex Panorama Suite, upholding the style of an elegant residence in the Alps. An elegant staircase leads to the suite’s top floor revealing a private spa, Jacuzzi, fitness and massage area.

Michelin-starred Executive Chef Martin Göschel supervises Restaurant Sommet, Megu and Swiss Stübli, three exceptional restaurants, which draw upon the world’s classic cuisines. Each is an ode to authentic food and the finest produce, offering expressions of the chef’s famous attention to detail and eye for perfection.

MEGU – Japan has never tasted better Experience a new style of dining in Gstaad with the first Western european location of the celebrated MEGU concept restaurant. The restaurant’s design by award-winning decorator Noé Duchaufour- Lawrance promises a unique experience with some of the most unusual ingredients and dishes, prepared by two expert Japanese chefs.

The Alpina Gstaad hosts its own permanent art collection installed throughout the hotel and grounds. It includes works by many of the leading artists of the twenty – first century, which explore the interplay between technology, identity, and the natural world.

The property partners with arts organizations, sponsors artist residencies, hosts forums that bring together creative activists and cultural producers, and supports the creation of new artworks, particularly those concerned with environmental and social activism. The Hotel aspires to be a global platform for creativity and cultural innovation, a place where guests can experience the spectacular Swiss Alps, while they are inspired by engaging visual art, architecture, and stimulating cultural exchange.

UNCOMPROMISING PERFECTION of New Engines at the Geneva Motor Show

Where supercars and the latest speed machines flirting with autonomous technology and graceful designs. This year’s Geneva Motor Show is arguably the most tech-savy and sublime, with the high performance figures traditionally touted by internal combustion engine supercars replaced by sporting batteries and electric motors.

BUGATTI – La Voiture Noire

A pioneering spirit, passion for perfection and the desire to continually redefine its limits have been the key characteristics of BUGATTI since it was founded 110 years ago.


In terms of exclusivity, performance and luxury, the new “La Voiture Noire” is every inch the equal of Jean Bugatti’s masterpiece. It is the perfect manifestation of BUGATTI’s cornerstones: “dynamic, luxury and elegance”.

“La Voiture Noire” is an opus of elegance and finesse. Purism and elegance are reflected in every surface and continued into each minute detail. The windscreen seems to flow seamlessly into the windows like the visor on a helmet. The newly designed bumpers are smoothly integrated into the body. Clear lines guide the eye subtly over the surface, which seems to blend into a single piece. With its extended front end and the distinctive BUGATTI Signature line, “La Voiture Noire” creates an elongated impression. Its elegant waistline accentuates the coupé’s contours. At the rear, six tailpipes bear witness to the incredible power of “La Voiture Noire”. Subtly incorporated into the overall appearance, they hint at the strength of the car’s heart, the iconic 16-cylinder engine.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars returned to the Geneva Motor Show and debuted its full current product portfolio for the first time on an international stage. Representing the near-infinite Bespoke possibilities at the heart of its record-breaking success in 2018, the marque presented one of an extraordinary collection of 25 Phantoms alongside the first publicly-revealed Bespoke Cullinan commission. In addition, two powerful visions of Black Badge and a highly Bespoke Dawn was revealed, each informed by the taste patterns of a younger, more assertive breed of entrepreneur drawn to the brand.

Following its global launch in the peaks of the Grand Tetons, Wyoming, the World’s media declared Cullinan unequivocally “Effortless Everywhere”. This transformative all-terrain vehicle has now begun a remarkable Bespoke journey with the marque’s patrons who continue to create truly personal expressions of their lifestyles. An exclusive Cullinan has been curated in recognition of this extraordinary adventure.

The Genève 2019 commission intelligently reconciles the distinct notions of luxury and utility that Cullinan embodies. The brand’s hallmark five-coat high gloss paint finish is rendered with a Petra Gold hue and fine Navy Blue coachline, recalling the khaki shades favoured by explorers, while Navy Blue and Oatmeal interior appointments celebrate a similarly functional colourway wrought in the finest leather hides. In addition, natural Open Pore Royal Walnut veneer is jewelled with a Bespoke timepiece and highly polished aluminium Bespoke Audio speaker grilles, subtly referencing the technical capability of Rolls-Royce’s proprietary audio system.

To the rear, the brand’s Bespoke Collective of designers, engineers and craftspeople present Genève 2019’s most indulgent expression of all-terrain luxury. Mounted within a removable Recreation Module modestly stowed in the motor car’s boot, The Hosting Service embodies the notion of giving pause to extraordinary company and is perfectly appointed to enrich time spent with loved ones.

Welcoming another creation by Philipp Plein themed model, created with Mansory at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 – is this Mercedes-AMG G 63. Fitted with a complete widebody kit, the Mansory Star Trooper is also part of a limited production run of 20 vehicles which start at 550,000 euros each.

Showcasing the new front bumper with wider rear arches and a new rear apron. The bonnet is new with additional venting and the amount of LED lighting also increases. Mansory describes the paint job as “50 shades of Grey Camouflage”. The engine has been reworked too. New turbochargers, downpipes and an exhaust system boost power from 585 bhp up to 850 bhp with torque increasing from 850 Nm up to 1,000 Nm. 0 to 100 km/h takes just 3.5 seconds with a top speed in excess of 250 km/h.

The Mansory interior features Philipp Plein logos throughout, even embossed into the seats. There are touches of carbon fibre and red stitching to match the exterior LED’s. Mansory is on fire!

Article by Jayraj JR Sisodia


Hublot and Marc Ferrero, the artist behind Storytelling Art, unveil the Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero. Paying homage to the 21st century woman, who distinguishes herself through the multiplicity of her roles, in this exclusive timepiece she is embodied as the heroine of modern times. This collaboration marks an exploratory approach to art and watchmaking.

A Muse, the 21st century woman

In turn wife, mother, friend, lover, business woman, femme fatale, fashion icon or night owl, for every hour of the day the modern woman sets herself apart as unpredictable, multifaceted and unique. She is disarming and makes light of the simple or complex adventures that she comes up against; drawing upon her charm, she juggles the lives that fill each of her days.

Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero

The dial tells the story of this heroine of modern times with ‘Lipstick’, an iconic work by the artist. Enigmatic behind her dark glasses, she remains majestic in the face of the unexpected and affirms her femininity, armed with her lipstick. Spinels in shades of red, topazes for the turquoise version, and forty- two fine stones decorate the bezel of the new 39-mm case, which is adjusted to her feminine wrists. With one touch of its “One Click” patented fastening system, the leather strap makes way for a version in alligator and rubber, a touch of sophistication appropriate for the moment. Available in red and turquoise, the special series will be available in 50 copies of each tone.

Watchmaking and painting in movement: fusion

Hublot and Marc Ferrero cultivate the art of exploration in their respective fields, with fusion as the guiding principle. For the watchmaking house, it is the unexpected blend of rare and innovative materials and for the artist and friend of the brand, it is the combination of different graphic styles on the same plane. It was therefore natural for their innovative spirits to find a shared expression, with watchmaking as a vehicle for art. A story of timeless adventures is embodied by the Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero timepiece. A flagship announcement linking to the “Hublot loves Art” series.

Marc Ferrero

“When I am asked ‘What innovative and modern idea develops your painting?’ Without hesitation, I answer fusion… Using different graphic styles (cubism, impressionism, surrealism, figurative, etc.) on the same plane or over my works—just like a film director uses special effects to tell a story—will always represent an extremely exciting challenge for me.” Marc Ferrero

Marc Ferrero

You don’t position yourself at the head of a new pictorial trend without a great knowledge of painting and the major developments that have marked its history. Marc Ferrero is one of the few contemporary painters who make it possible to claim that painting can still explore new avenues and continue, thanks to the power of the imagination, last century’sgraphical adventure, which was the richest in terms of pictorial research. Marc Ferrero’s body of work, associated with theStorytelling Art movement never ceases to intrigue because it possesses characteristics that are found nowhere else: fictional stories that take us around the world and refer to all kinds of cultures and invented characters, like real mirrors of the collective aspirations of our times. A forgotten mix of all sorts of graphic styles on the same plane, which modifies the notions of space-time of the pictorial field. An interplay between narrative breakdowns and variations of planes that allow each Work to be the pretext for an extraordinary adventure.

Living with a work by Marc Ferrero means giving your walls captivating stories and expanding spaces by following in the footsteps of Lisa L’aventura, Duke Spencer Percival and Cello Cordoba in an adventure that is called: “Once Upon a TimeLa Comitive”.


The FEAST of aesthetics: Experiencing The Silo Hotel in Cape Town


How unexpected. The Silo Hotel. Magical Experince. A luxurious hotel towering above the V&A Waterfront surrounded by the natural wonder of South Africa’s Mother City. The Silo Hotel has been built in the grain elevator portion of the historic grain silo complex occupying six floors above Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) which houses Africa’s largest collection of contemporary African art.

From the outside, the greatest visible change to the building’s original structure is the addition of the ingenious glass windows inserted into the geometry of the hotel floors. These multi-faceted structures glisten like diamonds during the day while at night the building transforms into a glowing beacon in the Table Bay harbour.

It is a truly celebration of art, style, architecture and design. A tribute to timeless glamour and contemporary luxury offering the highest levels of personalised service synonymous with The Royal Portfolio.

With stunning views of Cape Town through the 5,5m high pillowed glass windows, there is no better place to enjoy a classic cocktail or a glass of wine from the carefully crafted and ever evolving list of local and international wines. Executive Chef Veronica Canha-Hibbert and her team have crafted a number of casual and contemporary menus that include lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, bar snacks and a wonderful Sunday Roast. Chef Veronica believes in good, honest and approachable food that showcases seasonal, local ingredients.

The Silo Hotel brings a new dimension to dining in the city with our exclusive, glass fronted private dining rooms. There are two smaller dining rooms that seat six in each, as well as the Wisdom Room, a wonderful private dining room for up to 22 guests. The Wisdom Room was named after the last ship to ever take grain to Europe from the grain silo – MV Anangel Wisdom – in 1995.

The Silo Hotel has 28 rooms, including a spectacular one bedroom penthouse. Each room has been individually designed and decorated by the stylish wand of Liz Biden. Colourful and eclectic pieces juxtapose the modern, industrial architecture. The 6 room categories are based on the room size and the views. The images and floor plans below are indicative of the category only. We cannot guarantee a particular room (other than the penthouse), only the room category.

Cape Town is consistently ranked among the Top 10 cities in the world to visit by the likes of Condé Nast Traveler and Travel+Leisure Magazine. The ‘Mother City’, as it is affectionately known, is a colourful and vibrant city surrounded by dramatic mountains and sandy beaches. The magic of Cape Town lies in the collision of natural wonder, diverse cultures, art, design and a thriving food and wine scene.

#BerkeleyBespokeLovesArt – Travelling to Investec Cape Town Art Fair

Jake Michael Singer

Berkeley Bespoke loves Art way too much and we had the pleasure to be invited to visit Investec Cape Town Art Fair – the largest event of its kind in Africa. With almost 100 galleries and over 15,000 visitors, it offers a platform for collectors, galleries, curators, artists, and art journalists from around the globe to create connections at the forefront of contemporary art. With an intimate experience of one of the World’s most unique art capitals, Investec Cape Town Art Fair has proven to be the place where the fast-growing African art market and the international art World meet.

Being the largest art fair on the African continent and showing cutting edge contemporary art,  the Fair provides a platform for galleries, collectors, curators and artists from around the globe to engage in cultural and economic exchange. The allure of Investec Cape Town Art Fair is its content and its placement on the African continent, with the advent of its 8th edition, the market has proven that art fairs are a sustainable economic model for trade in contemporary art.

Lia Rumma Galleria, Marina Abramovic, Golden Mask

One of the most striking highlights was a selection of Jake Michael Singer’s photography and sculptural works, which draws together narratives around collective identity, myth and science fiction. Singer’s photographs comprise sets constructed of found material and plastics on rooftops around the Johannesburg CBD and installations in the studio. Working with dancers, Singer creates absurd disorientating scenes that evoke tensions between the natural and synthetic; the chaotic and the ordered; performed and the photographed. Here, Singer creates illusions around the body in space, through the intermixing of physical and digital space.

Singer’s three-dimensional works also play with these themes. “There is humming in the air” is created using a technique that draws on traditional thatching and emergent behaviour. Emergent behaviour is a system that does not depend on its individual parts but on their relationship to one another. This phenomenon exists in the way birds flock, to the way the internet is organised, to artificial neural networks in computer science and robotics. Singer uses this principle in the organisation of thousands of steel pieces, typically used for security fencing, to create a symbol of transcendence.

Pedro Pires

The 2019 incarnation of the ongoing SOLO section of Investec Cape Town Art Fair explored the effects of the digital World on our lived realities. As its name suggests, the extensive exhibition that included solo presentations and artworks that reflected a new and traditional skill set that held a deep conversation with one another.

By progressing to new traditions it is hoped that emerging practitioners and collectors will begin to think more analytically about how the digital World impacts art. Digital practices may be a powerful force in our everyday lives, yet in our context, there has not been enough opportunity in the visual arts allowing practitioners from different strata to exhibit alongside one another.

Guns & Rain  Letso Leipego.  The Shepherd

We have seen an incredibly eclectic mix of exceptional talents whom, besides being young and audacious, also explored a new aesthetic of commodity and the personal in a Globalised World.

We have been truly fascinated by artists: Kyu Sang Lee (South Korea) of Eclectica Contemporary in Cape Town, South Africa; Ibrahim Mahama (Ghana) of APalazzo Gallery in Brescia, Italy; Sitaara Stodel (South Africa) of Smith Studio in Cape Town, South Africa; Tabita Rezaire (French Guyana/Denmark) of Goodman Gallery in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa; Jake Singer (South Africa) of Matter Gallery in Toronto, Canada.

Montoro12 Larissa Sansour, In the Future

South Africa’s ebullient gallery circuit was fully represented at Investec Cape Town Art Fair, and a journey down the art fair isles gave us a full picture of contemporary South African Art. The galleries of the continent integrated into the mainstream of South African consciousness, and the abundance of galleries from African centres attested to the desire for dialogue and stimulus on the African art scene.

Highlighting, the best African galleries represented at Investec Cape Town Art Fair: Afriart Gallery of Kampala, Nairobi’s Circle Art Gallery, Espaco Luanda Arte, First Floor Gallery of Harare, Louis Simone Guirandou Gallery of Abidjan, Omenka Gallery of Lagos and This is not a White Cube also from Luanda. Thank you to the organisers for this magnificent experience!

Magnin A

DELAIRE GRAFF SPA: A distinctive experience, leaving a captivating memory

Berkeley Bespoke was taken on a journey of total relaxation and wellbeing at The Delaire Graff Spa. Set in its own unique surroundings, with four elegant Spa suites for guests to experience, an altogether more rarefied calm, where skin perfection and treatments leave the body and mind glowing.

Expert hands guide guests in indulgent all-day Spa rituals, pampering and wellness. Lodge guests and all visitors can take time out at the stunning infinity pool and destination restaurant, Indochine. With treatments available for all ages, Delaire Graff Spa crafts all experiences using the finest beauty products from Swiss Perfection, Aromatherapy Associates and Terres d’Afrique.

Experiencing luxurious Black Pearl products

Black Pearl is a luxurious and innovative range of skin care products now available in South Africa. Developed with tireless effort over the last 40 years, Black Pearl has risen from humble beginnings to a line that pairs the benefits of ancient and natural ingredients rich in minerals and nourishing oils with cutting edge science. The 27 unique minerals that heal and moisturise the skin are enhanced with Tahitian black pearl rich in organic-matrix calcium carbonate. Calcium-carbonate is known to draw water into the skin particularly well. This vital ingredient lends the product its name and ensures instant results that aid an even skin tone and provide iridescence to the skin.

Like its namesake the Black Pearl line embodies uniqueness, strength and the power of nature. Black Pearl is the latest range of superior skincare products developed by a thriving family business. Despite its global footprint, this enterprise has stayed close to its roots with all of the inspiration that this brings. Black Pearl is now excited to share the benefits of many years of endeavour with new markets. The entrepreneur who started the business believes his raison d’etre is to help those who feel invisible. From this existential purpose has evolved a range of skin care products that deliver on that objective; skin that is radiant, healthy, balanced, indulged and… visible.

Unforgettable Black Pearl Body Illumination treatment

Achieve absolute luminosity for both face and body in this extraordinary Signature Treatment which combines the power and science of 24 carat gold for a flawless skin tone on your entire body.  

Luminescent body scrub with the exclusive Vanilla and Patchouli salt scrub. Beautiful salt spheres gently exfoliate the skin leaving it revitalised and with a lustre that only sea minerals can bring.

Devine Body Butter Massage: Allow your body to be enveloped in flakes of real 24-karat gold which provide authentic royal richness in this creamy body butter, formulated with Shea butter and coconut oil for enhanced hydration and a beautifully smooth feel. Gold is thought to stimulate the skin, boosting its natural radiance and prevent premature aging, 

Following your devine body butter massage, we continue with a purifying Cleopatra Gold facial treatment ritual which allows you to truly benefit from the anti-ageing phenomenon that is Black Pearl 24-karat gold.


We have searched far and wide to offer our guests only the very best that the world can offer. But the true ethos of our spa is in the care and transformation of our guests. If we want to create health, we need to start channelling our unconscious mind through conscious intent. At our spa, our aim is to tap into your body’s ability to heal itself through holistic touch therapies as well as advanced and luxurious skin care and technology. Thereby, we are planting the seed of intent and creating an environment in your body to allow the seed to flourish into a healthy mind, body and soul. Therefore, you start the healing process by making the conscious decision to take time for yourself, and we carry on the journey with our wide variety of face and body rituals aimed at releasing tension and encouraging transformation on a subconscious and conscious level. 

Hildegard Carstens

Spa Manager, Delaire Graff Spa


Step into a scene from Arabian Nights at Riad Fes 

Not only is Riad Fes – Relais & Chateaux one of the most luxurious hotels in Fez, it also provides guests the opportunity to step back in time and enjoy the splendour and authenticity of the lifestyle of Fassi nobility. It reflects both the intricacy of Moroccan artwork and the distinctive aesthetic of Spanish Moorish architecture. The fruits of this marriage are sheer opulence shimmering in every minute attention to detail. 

Islamic carvings, antique doors, myriad mosaics and a grand piano greet guests in the first patio underneath an impressive Fassi lamp. Beyond subtle marbles and bright arches lies a stunning emerald-green pool, while a baroque-style patio featuring veined marble and crystal ceiling lights create a harmonious tranquillity. 

This 30 room hotel dates back to 1900 after it had its foundations laid by Ben Slimane, a famous local judge and intellectual. Thanks to its central location, it offers unforgettable views of the Medina and the Atlas Mountains. Blending modernism with tradition, guests have a choice of four different house styles: The Moroccan, The Oriental, The Baroco-Andalous and the signature, Contemporain. 

Since it’s part of the Relais & Chateaux family, the cuisine at Riad Fes is sumptuous. L’Ambre allows guests to dine on traditional Moroccan dishes in a lush Moorish atmosphere, while L’Alcazar Bar beside the decorative pool is a must for a post-meal pre-bed tipple. Don’t forget to visit The Rooftop Bar too to watch a memorable sunset overlooking the city. 

The spa by Cinq Mondes is a tranquil haven designed by Christophe Pillet. Indulge yourself in a tailor-made treatment that bears all the hallmarks of luxury and authenticity. Fez is famous for its hammam, so if you really want to keep the experience traditional book yourself in for this cleansing ritual. Other options include water treatments, face care and body care massages. 

Being such a peaceful oasis of orange, lemon and bay trees makes it difficult to want to leave here, but Riad Fes also host excursions into the city should you have the desire to tear yourself away. From guided visits of the Medina to a tour of Fez’s ancient walls and more. The city is one of Morocco’s gems – renowned for its rich culture, fine gastronomy and nice weather – and Riad Fes is the epicurean pit stop not to be missed.  

Article by James Massoud

When Art meets time: TAG Heuer celebrates the launch of two new editions with Alec Monopoly

The World-famous street artist has helped the Swiss watchmaker design two new watch models

TAG Heuer’s Art Provocateur, Alec Monopoly, is at it again! The World-famous street artist has helped the Swiss watchmaker design two new models that were presented at a cocktail party at the TAG Heuer Boutique, in the heart of London. The gallery walls were adorned with original TAG Heuer inspired paintings and sculptures created by Monopoly. Guests witnessed Monopoly create a live painting customization across 50 of the watch boxes which clients had the opportunity to purchase that night. The Swiss watchmaker also presented a short video that tells the imaginative story behind the design on the dial of the new Carrera HEUER 01, one of the wristwatches unveiled at the event.

Original and colourful, these TAG Heuer Formula 1 and Carrera wristwatches feature the little banker called Monopi wearing a red bandana over his face and throwing green cash across the dial. AlecMonopoly’s instantly recognisable signature is found in the background in yellow, blue and red. The 41 mm Formula 1 model is presented on a black rubber strap. The sporty watch features a stainless- steel unidirectional bezel with a black PVD coating that is engraved with a 60-minute scale. The watch’s bold black design is the perfect backdrop for the bright artwork on the dial to truly stand out.

The Carrera model takes the idea a step further – the eye-catching ALEC logo adorns the sapphire caseback, through which the wearer can enjoy a view of the TAG Heuer Calibre Heuer 01 manufacture movement inside the watch. This stylish 43 mm chronograph features a case and lugs in brushed stainless steel and is presented on an H-shaped stainless steel bracelet with an alternating brushed and polished finish. The fixed bezel, with its iconic tachymeter scale, is made from black ceramic.

A new 60-second video conceptualised and created by TAG Heuer tells the story behind the CarreraHEUER 01 timepiece. One mysterious night at the Swiss watchmaker’s headquarters, a mural in Alec Monopoly’s studio magically came alive and the artist’s iconic character, Monopi, jumped out of the artwork. His overnight adventure took him through the offices, the TAG Heuer museum, lab and factory. In the morning when TAG Heuer’s employees began to arrive, the curious character had to find a hiding spot. Drawn to the timepiece on a watchmaker’s work bench, Monopi quickly dove onto the dial just before he was caught. The video has been published on YouTube and is also visible on all of TAG Heuer’s social media channels. Whether you believe in magic or not, the video is proof that there is a powerful creative energy pulsing through the halls of TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer and Alec Monopoly first came together in 2016 when the artist was announced as the Swiss watchmaker’s Art Provocateur at Miami Contemporary Art Week. On that occasion, Alec Monopoly tagged the TAG Heuer boutique in the Miami Design District. A year later, his artwork was featured on a TAG Heuer special edition watch for the first time. The two latest models in TAG Heuer’sproduct range are an extension of this creative collaboration.

Combining watchmaking craftsmanship, contemporary art and timeless style, these two TAG Heuer timepieces are sure to be a hit among street art fans and watch connoisseurs.