Moods At The Perception Bar

Established as one of London’s favoured bars, The Perception Bar at the W London brings together an eclectic mix of sleek interiors, sophisticated cocktails and culinary delights. Situated in the prime location of the W London, the bar takes centre stage on the first floor and overlooks Leicester Square.

Best known as a laid-back hangout by day and a glamorous nightspot for the city’s party people, the unique concept of the Perception Bar has made it a go-to for the clued up crowd who frequent it. 

With an established agenda of internationally renowned DJ’s and performers, the latest series of events is MOODS, a line-up of some of the most sought-after DJ’s in the world against the intimate backdrop of the late-night lounge.

Running from February to April, the series kicked off with a headlining set by legendary Toolroom Records boss Mark Knight. 

One of the key movers and shakers of the electric house music scene, his signature records and productions have shaped the music genre as it is today. Bringing his talent along with The Perception’s house cocktails and a trio of dancers to set the mood for the night, guests were treated to an exclusive set by the maestro and supporting acts.

 Two further acts are to follow in the series across March and April following the success of the first. Glaswegian dance music DJ and production duo Illyus & Barrientos will headline the next MOODS night set to take place on Saturday 16th March. Widely known across the industry for their various stints with the likes of Defected and Exploited Records as well as various appearances across Space Ibiza and Ministry of Sound to name a few, the pair will also curate an exclusive set for the night.

Closing the series will be Manchester based Solardo, regulars on the Ibiza scene and resident DJs at Hi Ibiza with their own series, the pair best known for their house music have featured on labels such as Hot Creations and Relief Records and will headline at MOODS.

Royal China’s Exquisite Culinary Delights

A collection of six restaurants across London, Royal China has become synonymous with fine Chinese dining and opulently decorated locations.

With branches across London’s prime areas, namely Baker Street, Queensway, Fulham, Hammersmith, Queensway and Harrow-on-the-Hill, the restaurants vary in size and can accommodate between 55 to 150 covers.

A nod towards ancient Chinese artistry, a traditionally themed style of décor is echoed across all of the restaurants, majestic tones of gold add character with contrasting deep reds and blacks really defining the design codes of the group.

Offering a taste of Hong Kong, Royal China’s menu is curated to showcase the best flavours of the orient, a menu of classic authentic Chinese dishes meets the flair of each restaurant’s Head Chef with a wide variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes to suit everyone.

Often producing special menus for occasions such as Chinese New Year and Christmas, Seasonal Specials often become a highlight of the festive menus which are available at different times throughout the year across the group.

Popular for lunch and dinner alike, Signature dishes on the a la carté menu include Fresh Lobster served in a choice of flavours ranging from Hot & Spicy to Black Bean Sauce or Steamed Naturally as a First Course. The Crispy Aromatic Duck is the favoured choice for groups looking to share stands as one of the best in London’s dining scene.

Appetizers on the menu really set one’s appetite and are also a great way to experience a taste of the different dishes the group has to offer, best shared, specials vary from Satay Chicken, Deep Fried Stuffed Crab Claws and the House Hors D’oeuvres which give a nice taster of a selection of dishes.

The menus also feature a curation of selected Chef’s Special dishes, from Royal China’s famed Supreme Mixed Dried Seafood Hot Pot to dishes centred around stewed pork and vegetables.

Highlights on the menu include the Sautéed Beef with Oyster Sauce and the Braised Bean Curd with Mushroom Strips which serves nicely as a vegetarian dish. Complementing the menu, the group also has a savoury offering of accompaniments, often ordered as a side or as a main course itself, the Royal China Lotus Leaf Rice is particularly well done and comes wrapped in Lotus Leaf with Prawn and Duck.

Having opened its founder branch in Queensway, the group now stands as London’s favourite chain of Chinese restaurants and with such delectable food, fabulous surroundings and the much-loved Chinese hospitality it’s easy to see why.

Upholding the values of a perfectionist: Ormonde Jayne Launches Privé

Every breath of this fascinating perfume gathers pilgrims onto its long, beautiful journey. Master perfumer Linda Pilkington has introduced the latest fine fragrance in her portfolio of signature scents under Ormonde Jayne after 16 years in the making, Privé. A floral scent at heart with flavoursome notes of Basmati Rice and Russian Coriander Seed at the head and a warm sensual base of Vanilla Absolute Musk and Tonka Bean. 

Privé is the definition of its wearer, exuding the fascinating complexes of the 70 ingredients enveloped in the powerful fragrance and bringing the library of Ormonde Jayne’s perfume oils to life, this latest addition to the collection marks a new chapter in the archives. Berkeley Bespoke had a pleasure to meet with Linda and to discover her inspiration and the journey personified by Privé.

When did the creative process for Privé begin? 

In 2002, when Ormonde Jayne was in its early days, I was contacting all the major perfume houses like Givaudan, Firmenich, International Flavors & Fragrance and marking out all the oils I absolutely adored. We now have a repertoire of around 150 different oils classified as my favorite, from 8 different fragrance suppliers and I am still creating with 70 of those on a very regular basis. The oils form the foundation of all of our perfumes and are the very DNA of Ormonde Jayne. So the creative process for a fragrance that belongs to the very heart & soul of Ormonde Jayne began 16 years ago.

Was there a single inspiration behind Privé? 

The inspiration was simply picking out my very favorite oils, ones that represented and evoked the most positive of emotions. They include basmati rice, pink pepper and magnolia, the inspiration was create a perfume using only my top all-time beloved  ingredients.

What made the journey to completing Privé so long?

I was very happy with the perfume created back in 2002, but at that time, because I had a very new relationship with the perfume houses, I wasn’t able to obtain so many different oils from so many different fragrance manufacturers in such small quantities. Typically, independent niche perfumers buy their oils and ingredients from only one company – but I needed such a wide variety of oils that I was buying from 8 different manufacturers which was unheard of. It’s never economically viable for a manufacturer or supplier to sell a small quantity of a rare oil – the sort of amount I was asking for was from around 50 grams to  500mls and therefore, some requests were denied. The formulation of Privé is quite long – it has 52 ingredients in it – I realized the time wasn’t right at the beginning of Ormonde Jayne to take this on. Fast forward to 2018 and today I have a long standing, and great relationship with the fragrance suppliers, and plantation owners, as well as the gardeners that work with the flowers.  They oblige and help me, even if it’s a small quantity of a rare absolute from the ends of the earth!

With so many different ingredients from every direction of the world, how have you managed to keep the individuality of the separate notes?

My perfumes are complex, never heavy and never overpowering. Ormonde Jayne perfumes have a reputation for being known to breathe! We use a small accord in every perfume in our collection (with the exception of Tolu) and this opens up and gives wings to the perfume, enabling it to unfold and move!  They all have a substantial yield.  When I  create a perfume, I already know how I want it to smell from the opening to the drydown. So even if you want to create a soft captivating floral, you can still use a large number of varied ingredients, so long as the proportion of those ingredients work and are perfectly balanced. Ormonde Jayne’s “house signature” contains a small (and secret!) accord that lets Privé unfold its elegant journey in its own time. The sign of a good perfume is when it smells extremely good on your clothes the day after you have worn it as a happy reminder.

What perfume category would you place Privé in?

I can’t decide, but maybe it will have its own category – Out-of-this-world abstract floral!

Is Privé more for a veteran Ormonde Jayne wearer, or could a newcomer to your house appreciate it?

A few of my clients who have known Ormonde Jayne since its first day have said it’s like a biopic of Ormonde Jayne with flashbacks of all their classic favorites. But I think it’s definitely the latter – it really is the signature of the house – all our favorite ingredients are there – but if it’s a unique and innovative floral you are looking for, you will be delighted with Privé. Lots of Ormonde Jayne’s trademark ingredients from past creations feature like basmati rice, tonka bean absolute, champaca, gardenia absolute.

Are there any ingredients that you are using for the first time in Privé?

This time we have used a few for the very first time! Iralia (violets), lily of the valley and ginger.

Which is the most unusual ingredient found in Privé?

Gardenia Absolute is not the most unusual, but it is however the most difficult ingredient to source these days, almost too difficult! It was a Herculean task to finally secure a supply of this and I am very protective of every drop and my supplier!

Have you any plans to introduce Privé to the rest of the World after Saks Fifth Avenue?

It will be exclusively available at Saks Fifth Avenue until early spring 2019  and I can’t think of a better place to introduce Privé. But we are planning other collaborations later in spring  2019 across the US a nd other countries.


Which emotions speak to you the most strongly when you wear Privé?

When I wear Privé I feel avant-garde & sophisticated because it is utterly different and very abstract. It makes me feel like I am at the cutting edge of life! If I was taking the Eurostar train from London to Paris for the day, I would wear Privé because I know it could take on all the Parisian women.

As someone who has watched Ormonde Jayne from the start, it seems to be a proclamation of everything you have ever created, yet also unique – where will it be placed in the future?

Privé will certainly have its own place! We have 11 perfumes in our signature range at the moment, and Privé will be the 12th.  12 is a great number, our London boutique is 12 The Royal Arcade in Mayfair, there are 12 apostles, 12 months of the year, 12 members of the jury, so being 12th  place has finality…and Privé  also has its own unique category!

Who would you see wearing Privé?

I’m not sure I can ascribe character traits to Privé…but I think it would suit abstract creative types! I see Scarlett Johansson or Cate Blanchet wearing it very well!  What I do know is that Ormonde Jayne has always been a “word-of-mouth” brand – people wearing our scents are always asked what they are wearing by total strangers, sometimes followed down the streets, and our clientele has grown significantly by this market, as we do not advertise! What is surprising is that when Privé was nearing its final completion, people who were devoted cologne, or woody chypres, and even a couple who were passionately against all florals, have been smitten with it at first spritz… I think Privé is a must-try for all fragrance lovers! It is utterly original.

A Romantic escape at Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca

Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca invited Berkeley Bespoke to celebrate romance this Valentine’s Day with an unforgettable experience. Discovering a Romantic Escape, which offered us a chance to enjoy the best of the Hotel’s facilities and its offerings. Enhancing a romantic getaway, Le Spa extended an invitation to discover an intimate moment of relaxation and bliss. Selecting from an assortment of massages, including the Romance at Four Seasons package where guests can reconnect with each other during this sublime experience made for two.

A seven course meal dinner was offered exclusively at Bleu restaurant, curated by Executive Chef Christophe Laplaza, the menu with an idea in mind to take couples on a sensual journey with dishes specifically proposed for him and her.

Starting our gastronomical experience with an appetizer such as lobster tartar and sea urchin, followed by a “terre and mer” main course including hazelnut risotto and scallops, as well as lamb shank with creamy polenta and dover sole, followed by a veal filet. A cheese dish featured goat duo and millefeuille comte cheese, and finally the meal ended with a pre-dessert and a dessert featuring passion and raspberry sphere.

Bringing a splash of style to the Casablanca coast, our world-class team in Spain oversaw the construction of an award winning hotel in Morocco.

Berkeley Bespoke have enjoyed the glamour and serenity of the White City at Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca, located oceanfront on the vibrant corniche. Just a short drive from the hotel are world-class shopping and the city’s business district. Rooms and suites featured modern décor mixed with traditional fabrics, brass work, and marble floors, with suites offering ocean views with floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies.

The poolside restaurant Latitude 33 is open during the spring and summer, and the afternoon yea service at Mint provides an authentic Moroccan experience with local pastries, tea, and coffee. The secluded poolside cabanas provide a retreat from the city and Le Spa offers a variety of treatments with roots in ancestral Moroccan rituals, including the traditional hammam treatment with Argan oil and a black soap scrub.

When Art meets time: TAG Heuer celebrates the launch of two new editions with Alec Monopoly

The World-famous street artist has helped the Swiss watchmaker design two new watch models

TAG Heuer’s Art Provocateur, Alec Monopoly, is at it again! The World-famous street artist has helped the Swiss watchmaker design two new models that were presented at a cocktail party at the TAG Heuer Boutique, in the heart of London. The gallery walls were adorned with original TAG Heuer inspired paintings and sculptures created by Monopoly. Guests witnessed Monopoly create a live painting customization across 50 of the watch boxes which clients had the opportunity to purchase that night. The Swiss watchmaker also presented a short video that tells the imaginative story behind the design on the dial of the new Carrera HEUER 01, one of the wristwatches unveiled at the event.

Original and colourful, these TAG Heuer Formula 1 and Carrera wristwatches feature the little banker called Monopi wearing a red bandana over his face and throwing green cash across the dial. AlecMonopoly’s instantly recognisable signature is found in the background in yellow, blue and red. The 41 mm Formula 1 model is presented on a black rubber strap. The sporty watch features a stainless- steel unidirectional bezel with a black PVD coating that is engraved with a 60-minute scale. The watch’s bold black design is the perfect backdrop for the bright artwork on the dial to truly stand out.

The Carrera model takes the idea a step further – the eye-catching ALEC logo adorns the sapphire caseback, through which the wearer can enjoy a view of the TAG Heuer Calibre Heuer 01 manufacture movement inside the watch. This stylish 43 mm chronograph features a case and lugs in brushed stainless steel and is presented on an H-shaped stainless steel bracelet with an alternating brushed and polished finish. The fixed bezel, with its iconic tachymeter scale, is made from black ceramic.

A new 60-second video conceptualised and created by TAG Heuer tells the story behind the CarreraHEUER 01 timepiece. One mysterious night at the Swiss watchmaker’s headquarters, a mural in Alec Monopoly’s studio magically came alive and the artist’s iconic character, Monopi, jumped out of the artwork. His overnight adventure took him through the offices, the TAG Heuer museum, lab and factory. In the morning when TAG Heuer’s employees began to arrive, the curious character had to find a hiding spot. Drawn to the timepiece on a watchmaker’s work bench, Monopi quickly dove onto the dial just before he was caught. The video has been published on YouTube and is also visible on all of TAG Heuer’s social media channels. Whether you believe in magic or not, the video is proof that there is a powerful creative energy pulsing through the halls of TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer and Alec Monopoly first came together in 2016 when the artist was announced as the Swiss watchmaker’s Art Provocateur at Miami Contemporary Art Week. On that occasion, Alec Monopoly tagged the TAG Heuer boutique in the Miami Design District. A year later, his artwork was featured on a TAG Heuer special edition watch for the first time. The two latest models in TAG Heuer’sproduct range are an extension of this creative collaboration.

Combining watchmaking craftsmanship, contemporary art and timeless style, these two TAG Heuer timepieces are sure to be a hit among street art fans and watch connoisseurs.

Waking up at the legendary Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz

The glamorous Palace overlooks the ski resort’s famous lake, and has been the go-to destination for celebrities and royalty since it first opened in 1896

Rich in heritage and spilling with stories, this distinguished mountain resort houses 157 guest- rooms (37 of which are suites) all with heart-stopping views of the lake or the charming villagecentre, Berkeley Bespoke had the pleasure to experince a real royal stay. Illustrious guests from Rita Hayworth to Alfred Hitchcock have long enjoyed Badrutt’s Palace legendary service that accommodates all tastes, remembers all preferences and embraces all requests, however elaborate. One unsuspecting visitor was greeted by an elephant in the hotel lobby as a birthday surprise from her husband.

A neo-Gothic castle of towers, turrets and terraces, the hotel was designed by Chiodera and Tschudi. Ecclesiastic relics abound; antique benches once used by monks, dark oil paintings andhuge antique chests, many gifted to the Badrutt’s family by people of the church. Unexpected artmasterpieces include an actual Miro sketch in one of the suites. Rooms evoke a timeless charm with Persian carpets, flock wallpaper and brocade-upholstered armchairs, accompanied by terracotta- tiled floors and ornately-carved wood ceilings.

Offering a gastronomic journey to suit every palette and mood, Badrutt’s Palace is home to eight on-site restaurants and three bars. Guests can enjoy afternoon tea in the wood-ceilinged Grand Hall, where creations from world-class pastry chefs are presented with flair. Andreas Caminada’s Michelin-starred chef promises inspired sharing dishes and contemporary interiors designed by Patricia Urquiola. Le Restaurant presents timeless fine dining and a rare opportunity to experience a Gueridon style of service.

La Coupole restaurant – formerly Europe’s first indoor tennis hall – is home to a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant from Nobu Matsuhisa. Retreat to the Renaissance Bar – the first vintage cigar lounge in continental Europe – for a nightcap or cigar by the big stone hearth or enjoy after hours on the famed dancefloor at King’s Club. Just across the road and up some stairs into the heart of the village is 1658-built Chesa Veglia, the oldest ‘peasant house’ in St Moritz. As Swiss as can be, its two bars and three eateries are a reminder that Italy is only 40 miles south — the Italian-speaking waiters are often told that the pizza at Pizzeria Heuboden rivals the finest from their motherland.

Wellness comes naturally at this Swiss mountaintop village with 300 days of soul-uplifting sunshine and an exceptional air quality. Palace Wellness, the spa, houses a cinematic indoor infinity pool and an open-air heated pool in the dramatic surroundings of the Engadin mountains. Extensive fitness facilities and a Wet Zone include a hydrotherapy pool, saunas, ice roomand aromatic steam rooms. Full massage and beauty services range from Ayurvedic therapies to specialist facials.

Badrutt’s Palace sits at the foot of one of the World’s most exciting ski regions at 6,000 ft, with over 350 kilometres of slopes and an in-house ski rental service, school and boutique. The frozen lake and untouched, natural surroundings encourage a myriad of winter sports including ice skating, sledging, curling, horse carriage trips and the electrifying Cresta Run – one of the fewracing toboggan tracks in the world dedicated entirely to skeleton. And with its own airport it’s nosurprise that St. Moritz was the glitzy backdrop to James Bond gliding down the slopes in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’.


Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz – The World’s most prestigious polo tournament


Berkeley Bespoke had the pleasure to attend St. Moritz Snow Polo World Cup – a one of the most spectacular and prestigious sporting events in the World. Held on the frozen lake of St. Moritz, set against the stunning snow-capped mountains of the Engadin Valley it was a magical event.

On the finals day, as the snow began to fall gently upon the spectators thronging around the arena and the packed grandstands, the battle began for the La Martina Cup Subsidiary Final with last year’s winners Team Cartier facing the exuberant Team Azerbaijan Land of Fire. With the collective prowess of the father son duo of Marc and Team Captain, Grant Ganzi, alongside Engadin powerhouse Tito Gaudenzi and the poetry in motion that is 10 goal maestro Juan Martín Nero fresh from his 2018 Argentine Open win, aficionados were expecting an explosive performance from the Cartier shirts. Team Azerbaijan were the underdogs on paper having received a 2 goal advantage to start the match, but this handicap disadvantage was never in evidence as they performed cohesively as a team. Despite the injury to his ear yesterday, Adrian Laplacette Jr was back on fighting form working well alongside his three team mates.

Commentator extraordinaire, Jan-Erik Franck ‘The Voice of Polo’ promised us that in polo “anything can happen”, and he was not wrong, as despite great play and teamwork, Cartier failed to score at all during the match, whilst their opponents found the posts three times to bring the final score to a surprising 5-0 defeat for Cartier at the hands of Team Azerbaijan Land of Fire. Despite his team’s loss, Juan Martín Nero was gracious in defeat, saying: “It is great to be back in St. Moritz. It is such a special tournament; the people, the snow, the great organisation. Everything is fantastic and I can’t wait until next time!”.

The start of the fourth chukka saw yet another goal from the goal scoring tsunami Novillo Astrada for Badrutt’s Palace and so the result seemed inevitable as the score was 7-3 with just minutes left on the clock. However, Charlton was not ready to give up and was firmly on the attack, resulting in Peluso being struck on the hand and falling to the ground in pain. Despite the inevitability of defeat, Maserati remained on the offensive until the last seconds of play, but it was all too little too late, and history was made as Badrutt’s Palace secured the trophy for the first time in the history of the tournament.


The Cartier Trophy was presented by Mrs Laurence Bourgeois, Cartier Managing Director (Switzerland) and Mrs Kaethy Dobers, the Boutique Director of Cartier St. Moritz. The best Playing Patron, presented by Peter Schmid, Head of Wealth Management Northern and Central Europe Deutsche Bank, was awarded to Melissa Ganzi. The Most Valuable Player was awarded to Alejandro Novillo Astrada, whilst the Polo Times Best Playing Pony was awarded to Pantera played by Alejando Novillo Astrada in the fourth chukka.

None of the thousands of spectators wanted the three days of thrilling polo action to end. The Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz 2019 had once again been a triumph at every level and a credit to Reto Gaudenzi and his team. The beautiful resort of St. Moritz had surpassed itself again – alive with sun, hospitality and thrilling polo.

Melissa Ganzi was awarded the trophy for Best Playing Patron and she also  made history as the first female player in the Snow Polo World Cup to win the tournament.

The year 1985 saw the first ever polo competition on snow – it took place in St. Moritz. The Snow Polo World Cup has reigned over the last weekend in January in this mountain town ever since. In 2014, well-known exponents of snow polo in Switzerland founded Evviva Polo St. Moritz Ltd and signed a long-term contract with the city of St. Moritz, thus securing a sustained continuation of the Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz.

The Board of Directors consists of Dr Piero Dillier (President), Reto Gaudenzi (Vice-president and CEO), and Arndt Küchel. Dr Thomas Rinderknecht and Peter A. C. Blum are on the Advisory Board; Jürg Reinger is the Managing Director. The tournament is organised in close collaboration with an experienced team of local hotels, businesses and experts, the town of St. Moritz and their See Infra Ltd.


L’Apogée: Courchevel 1850, is as close to heaven as you can get #BBSkiingSeason

Situated above a former Olympic ski jump on a field of snowy white, the panoramic views from L’Apogée Courchevel are unsurpassed

Berkeley Bespoke had an unparalleled alpine experience high and above anything else, all enjoyed in the French Alps at the exclusive L’Apogée Courchevel. ​With some of the finest views in the resort, L’Apogée is the beautiful addition to the exclusive collection of hotels in this World class resort. Every piece of furniture in the hotel has been tailor-made for the property and the interior designers’ unique sense of style and soul and their passions for fashion, travel and creativity are inherent throughout.

The hotel has 53 rooms including a four bedroom penthouse and two superb chalets, each an alpine home that families can call their own. This snowy retreat offers an extraordinary leisure experience for everyone both on and off the slopes; with professional Ski Room, an exclusive conveyor belt from the slopes, a glorious Spa, a fabulous club for young guests and high class boutiques.

From this highest location at the top of the original Olympic ski jump, all suites, the penthouse and two chalets offer astonishing views sweeping down the valley and across snow laden woodland, many from private balconies. Bathrooms are swathed in Fior di Bosco marble and steam showers for warm soothing therapy after a day of alpine skiing.

French interior designer India Madhavi subtly reflects rustic charm in the smooth contemporary style, with furs, soft wool plaid and fine leather caressing the senses. The two chalets are designed for those who enjoy the finest hospitality and prefer complete privacy. Chalets L’Amarante and L’Alpensia combine palatial comfort with a restrained luxury in their design.

They offer private ski in/ski out access, a Spa and a home cinema and being next to L’Apogée Courchevel guests are steps from the fine restaurants, swimming-pool and leisure facilities of this superb hotel.

Le Spa de L’Apogée by La Prairie is an irresistible cocoon of soothing warmth after a day on the slopes, and a beautiful Alpine retreat where you can revive spirits and purify your complexion with the Sisley Phyto-Aromatic Treatments. The fine design of the five Spa cabins is an important part of the soothing experience; one is a duo cabin, specially created for the Bania ritual. Guests prepare for treatments loosening limbs in the blue mosaic pool and Jacuzzi, and clearing minds in the steam room and salt sauna.

The Spa incorporates the fitness centre, equipped with the most advanced facilities and the services of a personal trainer. For finishing touches personal styling in the hair salon and beauty room, with nourishing care for hands and feet, and expert make-up artists who will accentuate your personal beauty.


#BBSkiingSeason Jackie Chan 14-Karat Gold Limited Edition Snow Foil Skis

Foil Skis are the truest expression of lifelong desire to create authentic “High Performance Art”

Purpleheart is an extremely dense and water-resistant wood. It is ranked one of the hardest and stiffest of the woods in the World. It is so durable that it can be used in applications that require toughness. This spectacular ski has been developed especially for Jackie Chan and has been precisely tuned to Jackie’s physical abilities and skiing preferences, that also features a topsheet in Purple Heart wood as selected by Jackie, who has a personal collection of Purple Heart wood in his museum where he preserves endangered and rare species from around the globe.

Purpleheart trees are prized for their beautiful heartwood which, when cut, quickly turns from a light brown to a rich purple color. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light darkens the wood to a brown color with a slight hue of the original purple. The dry wood is very hard and dense perfect for the flex of the Ski.

Foil bindings are designed for performance, safety and aesthetics. Every single detail has been meticulously conceived and painstakingly produced in order to provide a binding of unparalleled comfort, ease and elegance. The plated finish is extremely durable and guarantees a long-lasting beauty and unrivaled distinction. Every Foil binding is adjusted precisely to your boot in line with your physical attributes and level of proficiency. This adjustment ensures both a precise fit and a ski that is uniquely yours.

Every member of the Foil family is unique and their customization process reflects this belief. From the elegant inlaid initials to the vintage lock, classic flask and the monogrammed leather bag, Foil tastefully personalizes all elements of your package.

Simply stated, the Foil travel bag is one-of-a-kind. Custom designed by Foil and made from the finest, pure aniline, top grain leather, it is stately, elegant and practical. Each bag comes with a certification from the “Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana” (Vegetable-tanned leather of Tuscany) which guarantees the authenticity, natural tanning method and premium quality of the leather.

Foil travel bags are hand-stitched by Italy’s preeminent leather craftsmen whose roots in the practice span generations. The bags are crafted in 3 sizes (depending upon ski lengths) and come with a full-length heavy duty zipper, carrying handle, front pull handle and discreet wheels. Internally, the bags feature a form-fitted frame for the skis and poles, elegant fabric lining, reinforced nose and side panels.

Bringing the wellness and medical World together under the roof of Harrods

The Wellness Clinic presents a holistic collection of treatments and services with an integrated approach to wellbeing and beauty. World-renowned experts, whose fields include aesthetics, wellness and dermatology.

Spanning over 10,500sq ft. – The Wellness Clinic is a wellbeing destination within Harrods bringing a unique concept of integrative beauty with a refined offering of aesthetic and holistic treatments from a team of world-renowned experts.

Designed in partnership with leading architects Stanton Williams, the space features state-of-the-art treatment rooms, two personal training spaces and photography studio all in a bid to promote wellness from within.

Resident aesthetic doctor Dr Marwa Ali has established a clientele within the Wellness Clinic and has become the go-to for her sculptural approach to facial aesthetics. A contrast to today’s stereotypes of overpowering the facial movements with Botox, Dr Marwa is pioneering the new-age of aesthetic enhancements by championing subtle treatment to create a more natural result over time.

Dr Marwa

‘The advances in the non-invasive aesthetic treatments have ensured that there is a strong alternative to invasive surgery.’ Tells Dr Marwa, ‘With the use of artfully placed injectables, Botox, Hyaluronic Acid Filler and threads, the patient need not go under the knife at all.’

A firm believer that the natural look is the way forward Dr Marwa is best known for her expertise in Baby Botox. ‘The natural-looking trend is here to stay, and the days of the over-Botoxed, frozen features are well and truly over. In fact, too much Botox can actually be ageing, patients who have been over-injected look mannequin-like as the skin is pulled too tight and the forehead is often left looking unnaturally shiny.’

The key to achieving this more desirable youthful appearance is quite simply Dr Marwa’s approach in that less is almost more. Retaining movement of the facial features and embracing one’s natural facial characteristics gives Marwa the power to create small miracles over time.

An advocate of Baby Botox, Marwa is the proof that well-administered enhancements can make results seem so natural that one looks as though they’ve had nothing done at all. Instead, skin looks radiant, and expression reflects a well-rested, youthful complexion.

Taking all aspects of one’s lifestyle into account, Dr Marwa gives each of her clients a through consultation to determine the best course of treatment for them in an entirely bespoke approach. 

From the visible signs of ageing to how her discerning clientele manage their day to day lives, Marwa’s medical knowledge combined with her artistic flair are what keeps her clients coming back for more.