THE WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE CANVAS: $5.5 Million 2019 Bugatti Chiron painted by Alec Monopoly

A live performance by Alec Monopoly during Miami Art Basel, unveiling 2019 Bugatti Chiron ArtBasel Edition 1 of 1 – #MonopBugatti

Miami, 7th December 2018 

Alec Monopoly

Berkeley Bespoke had an amazing experince to watch a LIVE performance on the most expensive canvas in the World!  Together with Eden Fine Art, Alec Monopoly infused Art Basel Week with his signature graffiti glamour and unique street art at his very own gallery dedicated to displaying his artworks alone. Alec Monopoly unveiled 2019 Bugatti Chiron ArtBasel Edition 1 of 1, which is avaivable for sale as it is! #MonopBugatti

In true Monop$ style, Alec Monopoly has found a way to display his work in a way that stands out from the crowd, showcasing a range of his new paintings and sculptures at an exclusive Miami Beach gallery, just outside of the Setai Hotel.

Andrew Bezhenar and Alec Monopoly

This is not the first time that Monopoly’s work has been displayed in Miami, and nevertheless, there is still a huge buzz surrounding the arrival of his new collection. Alec Monopoly is an artist that slots perfectly into the Miami backdrop.

He focuses on the notions of fame and fortune in his works and challenges the spectator to debate the place of wealth in today’s society through the use of graffiti in urban spaces. Infusing Miami Beach with bright colors, a mix of textures and materials and the iconic characters that his ever-expanding fan base have grown to love.

A new HUBLOT BIG BANG in the colours of Nicky Jam

Hublot has unveiled BIG BANG MECA-10 NICKY JAM, featuring his favorite colours, his initials and his signature

Miami, 6th December 2018 

Nicky Jam

Berkeley Bespoke had the pleasure to attend a fascinating evening hosted by Hublot and Nicky Jam during the Art Basel week in Miami. The night, where Hublot has unveiled the Big Bang Meca-10 Nicky Jam watch with a model available in three versions, designed in collaboration with the urban music singer, star of the charts and brand ambassador.

Nicky Jam became a Hublot ambassador in June of this year and it seemed only natural for the Nyon watchmaker to work with the internationally renowned singer. After topping the charts in 2015 with the success of his track “El Perdon”, he had the whole World singing this summer with “Live it Up”, the official song of the 2018 FIFATM World Cup in Russia, a competition for which Hublot is the Official Timekeeper. As if that were not enough, at the same time, he reached new heights with his single “X (Equis)”, which is approaching 1.4 billion views on YouTube!

It was in front of an audience of select guests – VIPs, stars and friends of the brand – that Hublot celebrated the talent of Nicky Jam during a lively party at The Temple House, Miami. For the occasion, the prestigious venue in the heart of the South Beach district saw itself covered in light: its façade and its interior walls served as a screen for a mapping animation and artistically projecting films and photographs.

Arina Sprynz

It was in this sumptuous setting that Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of the brand, gave a warm speech thanking Nicky for joining the Hublot family, and unveiled the first fruits of this collaboration: the Big Bang Meca-10 Nicky Jam watches.

These watches come in three different versions based on the famous Big Bang, the Swiss brand’s icon. With a 45-mm diameter, they are powered by the HUB1201 manufacture calibre, whose innovative construction reveals, on the dial side, all of the original imbrication of its 10-day power reserve that gave this model its name: Meca-10! As Nicky Jam sings in one of his hits: “…sin parar, sin parar!” For the first time the watch is skeletonised and gold-plated, thus offering the piece a brand-new look. The art of fusion in all of its glory!

Extremely Rare: The launch of exclusive 1982 Bourbon whiskey by The Last Drop Distillers

With only 44 bottles in existence, the launch of this extraordinary discovery is the latest addition to The Last Drop Distillers

London, 29th November 2018 

The Last Drop Distillers has launched a 1982 Bourbon from award-winning Buffalo Trace Distillery as their 13th release in the company’s 10- year history. With only 44 bottles in existence, the launch of this extraordinary discovery is the latest addition to The Last Drop Distillers’ already exceptional roster of rare spirits.

The unique whiskey, distilled nearly four decades ago, is the very last of this Bourbon from the Buffalo Trace Distillery. At its peak, it was removed from the American oak barrels in order to avoid over-ageing and to preserve its beautiful constitution that gracefully defies its years. The nose of marmalade mixed with coffee is complemented by the palate of tropical richness and a finish of vanilla notes and oak.

The Last Drop Distillers aim to bring exceptional, rare old spirits to aficionados and collectors with an appreciation for the finest drinks. A one of a kind spirit, like this 1982 Bourbon, is a window into the past, a glimpse of the original skill and artform of distillers and blenders, and a magical moment to be savoured and remembered. In the same year this Bourbon was distilled, Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the biggest selling album, E.T hit the box office, Sony launched the world’s first CD player and the Computer was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. In the years that followed,music tastes changed, CGI opened up the world of film and technology advanced in ways wecouldn’t have imagined. But this Bourbon has remained unchanged. It is a reminder of an era lessthan 40 years ago but since which we have seen seismic and unprecedented change.

Acquired by Sazerac in 2016, this is The Last Drop’s first release of an American Whiskey. It is ofparticular pride to the team that it hails from the world famous Buffalo Trace Distillery, deep in the heart of Kentucky.

Mark Brown, President and CEO of Sazerac said, “We have always admired TheLast Drop’s dedication to sourcing the World’s rarest spirits and this launch comes as no exception.This Bourbon, distilled, aged and bottled at our very own Buffalo Trace Distillery, echoes the great relationship between Sazerac and The Last Drop and it is one we are looking forward to growing formany years to come.”


The release has an RRP of £3,500 inc. VAT or US $4,000

UK stockists can be found at

Fabergé And Rolls-Royce Unveil ‘Spirit Of Ecstasy’ Bejeweled Egg

The maker of the World’s most luxurious cars has teamed with Fabergé to craft and create a bespoke “Spirit of Ecstasy” Fabergé Egg

London, 28th November 2018 

Coveted since 20th Century, Fabergé’s exquisitely decorated imperial eggs have been collected for generations with some of the most valuable eggs in the collection dating as far as back as pre-1917.

Now, contemporising the design codes of both heritage brands, the egg has been conceived under the direction of Rolls-Royce designers Stefan Monro and Alex Innes in collaboration with Fabergé’s Lead Designer Liisa Talgren and bought to life by the House’s workmaster, Paul Jones.

Evoking the design cues synonymous with the elusive eggs of Fabergé, The Spirit of Ecstasy Egg sits on a hand-engraved base crafted from purple enamel and 18-carat white gold. Rose gold arms and hues from the archives of Fabergé are adorned with 10 carats of diamonds and 390 carats of natural amethyst.

A celebration of innovative design and art, the ornamental masterpiece is expected to become one of the most collectable Imperial Eggs of all time and stands as the first Imperial to be produced since 1917.

The Egg connects the elements that lie at the very core of each marque – the Spirit of Ecstasy, the illustrious muse that has guided each Rolls-Royce motor car for over a century, and the form of a Fabergé Egg, the pinnacle of ornamental expression. The masterpiece resulting from this distinguished collaboration reflects the extraordinary attention to detail and the consummate craftsmanship for which both brands are renowned to this day.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, commented, “’The Spirit of Ecstasy’ Fabergé Egg was born from an intrinsic desire to further the realms of Bespoke personalisation. Responding to the continuing demands of patrons in search of unique and cherished possessions, a designer at the House of Rolls-Royce sketched an egg, igniting a fascination that will undoubtedly become one of the most collectable items of modern times.”

A team of seven craftspeople from Fabergé undertook the challenge of fabricating the design using the finest materials married with their extraordinary skill as artist jewellers. At first glance, the Egg is unmistakable in its character. The tiny Rolls-Royce mascot is sculpted in frosted rock crystal and cocooned within the egg. The final design echoes that of Fabergé’s heritage – masterfully woven into the intricate design.

The technical mastery of Fabergé prevails. The ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ Fabergé Egg adopts a highly complex operating mechanism, conceived through computer aided design and animation, developed with micro engineering. The success of this mechanism, and in turn the piece as a whole, can be attributed to the goldsmiths’ art as craftspeople and their ability to meld this skill with technology, creating a work of art that could not be created by man alone. The piece embodies both the artistic design and engineering skill that one expects from a collaboration between Rolls-Royce and Fabergé, and has probably the most complicated opening of any Fabergé Egg to date.

Josina von dem Bussche-Kessell, Business Development and Global Sales Director, Fabergé added, “Two years in the making, we are very excited to unveil this special piece to our clients and partners across the globe together with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and are proud to continue making history by creating bespoke and unique pieces such as this. The ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ Egg marks a demonstration of the reputation that Fabergé proudly carries today.”

Fifty Imperial Easter eggs were created for the Russian Imperial family between 1885 and 1916. These creations are inextricably linked to the lives of the Romanov family. Ten eggs were produced from 1885 to 1893 during the reign of Emperor Alexander III; a further 40 were created during the rule of his dutiful son, Nicholas II, two each year – one for his mother the dowager, the second for his wife. If we explore the great archives of Rolls-Royce, we find that Tsar Nicholas II was indeed also a patron of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Discovering the World of watchmaking at SalonQP

SalonQP at The Saatchi Gallery celebrating its 10th edition as Europe’s finest watch and luxury lifestyle experience

London, 22nd November 2018 

SalonQP has welcomed once again for its 10th editon, bringing the World of fine watches to life through a series of curated exhibitions, live talks and exclusive soirées. SalonQP played host to a wonderful collection of exhibiting watch brands – from illustrious international names to the most selective independent ateliers.

The event has also brought visitors face-to-face with expert talks and panel debates with guest speakers including auction and vintage experts: Adrian Hailwood, Chris Youé and Toby Sutton and design experts Christoph Behling and Marco Borracino. Talks delved into the history of military Panerai, the famed Dirty Dozen watches and the modern phenomenon of vintage Heuer with Justin Hast, Simon de Burton and Kristian Haagen discussing the highs of the past year within the watch industry in an exclusive talk as part of the Friday Night Late evening which also saw guest DJ Nick Grimshaw take to the decks in the SalonQP lounge. 

As part of its evolution, the 2018 experience also saw the introduction of some new luxury lifestyle features and exhibitors hosted in the Harper’s Bazaar Salon gallery.  Including jewellery, luxury accessories and fine wines from Kiki McDonough, William & Son, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin and Armit Wines.

Not only were fine jewellery and jewellery watches represented by Kiki McDonough, William & Son, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Vacheron Constantin in the Bazaar Salon, a gallery curated by sister title Harper’s Bazaar, but individual approaches to jewellery techniques and crafts in watchmaking were exhibited by two brands making their debut at SalonQP 2018; Scottish enamel dial specialist anOrdain and Murano glass-cased watch brand YUNIK.

Birchall and Taylor

Canadian watchmaking duo Brad Taylor and Charles Birchall chose SalonQP to launch their own brand, Birchall & Taylor. The WOSTEP-trained watchmakers set up their own Toronto-based company after stints working with Roger Smith among other things. The 38mm stainless steel watch uses a Vaucher micro-rotor movement and a crisp white enamel dial courtesy of Swiss specialists, Donze Cadrans.

Bovet Recital 22 Grand Recital

Officially the greatest watch in the world, at least according to the jury of the GPHG, Bovet’s Recital 22 Grand Recital wowed visitors with its hidden perpetual calendar and tellurium mechanism, which accurately illustrates the current position of the sun, moon and earth.

La Colonne du Temps

One of the surprises of the show was a collaboration between Yorkshire-based clockmakers Robert Bray – Sinclair Harding and famed Swiss watch designer Jorg Hysek. The vertical column 8 Day clock displays time digitally, with a white LED-style readout represented mechanically against the black case.

Article by Jayraj JR Sisodia

Trying to make sense of the World – The Connor Brothers

A fantasy World of intrigue, danger, passion and romance. This is the iconic Art by an artistic duo known as The Connor Brothers

London, 16th November 2018 

Mike Snelle and James Golding

A fantasy World of intrigue, danger, passion and romance… Berkeley Bespoke had a pleasure to meet Mike Snelle and James Golding, the artistic collaboration that is internationally famous for their satirical reinterpretations of the contemporary World.

Who are The Connor Brothers?

The Connor Brothers is the pseudonym for British artists James Golding and Mike Snelle. The duo came to prominence in 2012 and for several years maintained their anonymity by using a fictional biography.

Best known for their Pulp Fiction series the pair are also known for their activist work and their playful hoaxes. In 2014 they created a fictional museum – The Hanbury Collection, which fused truth and fiction in such a way as to render it impossible to work out which exhibits were real and which were not. This obsession with truth and fiction can be seen throughout their work, and is particularly relevant in the current climate of fake news, post-truth and social media obsession.

The Connor Brothers have been amongst the most prominent artistic voices to comment on the refugee crisis. The duo worked for several years in The Jungle refugee camp in Calais building shelters and undertook an international billboard campaign highlighting the plight of displaced people – Refuchic.  Closely associated with the Russian activist group Pussy Riot, The Connor Brothers produced their 2015 refugee themed theatrical performance at Banksy’s Dismaland. More recently they have teamed up with Professor Green and the mental health charity CALM to raise funds and awareness about the UK’s epidemic of male depression and suicide.

The Connor Brothers have exhibited internationally from New York, Sydney and Dubai to London, Hong Kong and Berlin. Their work frequently appears at major auction houses where a record price was achieved in 2016. Works can also be found in major public and private collections including The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Penguin Collection and both the Omar Koch and Niarchos Collections.

Mike Snelle and James Golding

Many collectors have chosen to buy The Connor Brothers art at various fairs in London as well as sell-out shows at galleries in Los Angeles and Sydney. They have made and sold more than 100 artworks in total – but who are they?

According to their website, twins Franklyn and Brendan Connor were brought up within a secretive Christian cult called ‘The Family.’ Along with other children, including the actors River and Joaquin Phoenix, they were deprived of access to mainstream media from outside the commune.

When the twins ran away at sixteen and settled in Brooklyn, New York, they were initially overwhelmed by the outside world, but felt an insatiable curiosity and remarkable appetite to learn. They would share new discovery with one another via notebooks and sketchpads, making art together in a process they described as ‘trying to make sense of the world.’

The reality of The Connor Brothers art

Snelle and Golding really had begun to work together as a form of therapy, inventing The Connor Brothers as a cover to protect themselves from public exposure. They eventually chose to break cover from their detailed disguise once their work saw widespread success.

Snelle argues that this is the paradox of art. While artifice is often the best way to depict reality, fiction can also be the best way to challenge conventional concepts of the truth.



Hublot joined forces with Bucherer to launch a new limited edition timepiece embodying the brand philosophy of ‘The Art of Fusion’: The Hublot Classic Fusion Bronze Bucherer Blue Edition

London, 15th November 2018 

Hublot Classic Fusion Bronze Bucherer Blue Edition

150 special guests including Maxime Büchi, famed graphic designer, tattoo artist, founder of the Sang Bleu studio and Hublot Ambassador, were invited to celebrate the launch within one of London’s most iconic and recognisable landmarks; Tower Bridge, where the historic upper walkways were illuminated in vivid blue for the evening.

For the first time, to highlight the launch of the exclusive limited edition, images of the watch were projected over iconic London monuments including The Tate Modern, Marble Arch, The Wellington Arch, The National Gallery, Millennium Bridge, Tate Britain and Baker Street.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Bronze Bucherer Blue Edition features an elaborately designed bronze case and a mechanical automatic movement. This luxurious timepiece skilfully blends innovation and tradition with an extraordinary combination of materials and revolutionary design to make a particularly strong masculine style statement.

This fascinating mix of opposites resulted in a truly unique approach to creating the new timepiece for the Bucherer Blue Editions. The philosophy behind the Classic Fusion collection is the watch manufacturer’s vision to combine classic watchmaking, pioneering design and outstanding craftsmanship. The special edition Hublot has created for Bucherer celebrates this unique Art of Fusion and disruptive design featuring the combination of precious metals and industrial materials that Hublot pioneered with the Classic Fusion watch created as an homage to the brand’s original designs in the 1980s.

In the Classic Fusion Bronze Bucherer Blue Edition, Hublot for the first time combines a bronze case with a black ceramic bezel and six H-shaped titanium screws – an unusual and masculine blend of materials and colours that create a bold style statement.

Hublot Classic Fusion Bronze Bucherer Blue Edition

The blue satin-polished dial with a sunray finish further emphasises the masculine design, and a blue rubber strap in combination with alligator leather adds the perfect finishing touches to this impressive creation. This timepiece for the modern gentleman already features a beautiful natural patina, and Hublot’s distinctive bronze, with its subtle yellow and pink undertones, develops its individual character over time, ensuring every watch is a unique piece for its wearer.

The watch has a diameter of 45 mm and boasts a mechanical HUB1112 automatic movement with a 42- hour power reserve and a date display. The new special edition will be available exclusively across Bucherer stores in Selfridges, White City, Covent Garden and also online from 15 November 2018.

David Coleridge and Benoît Lecigne

Benoît Lecigne, Hublot General Manager United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia said: “I am very proud to present this boldly crafted edition with our partner Bucherer. Hublot is honored to be involved in the distinctive Blue Editions which have become an iconic collection for Bucherer. I am confident this edition, which demonstrates the strength and vision of both brands, will be well received and will strengthen our partnership moving forward.”

Patrick Graf, Chief Commercial Officer of Bucherer, adds: “I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Lecigne and we are proud to welcome Hublot to the BLUE EDITIONS family. The Bucherer BLUE EDITIONS are a unique way to demonstrate our strong partnerships with the world’s most renowned watch manufacturers and to offer our customers a collection of extraordinary timepieces they can’t find anywhere else.”

LAUNCESTON PLACE X CREED – Scent inspired cocktails

CREED collaborated with the award winning Kensington restaurant Launceston Place, to create a scent inspired cocktail menu

London, 12th November 2018 

In an exciting collaboration for the senses, Creed has paired with iconic restaurant Launceston Place to create a cocktail menu inspired by the House’s signature scents along with a sensory dinner.


Four of the emblematic fragrances of Creed have been reimagined as by legendary mixologist Giorgio Tosato encapsulating key notes of each scent and translating into taste.

Cocktails range from the dry and fruity Aventus cocktail infused with Bergamot, Vanilla and Jasmine to the more sweet and sour Royal Princess Oud centred around Bergamot Liqueur, Vanilla Vodka and Lemon.


Celebrating the menu of cocktails, Launceston Place is also hosting a sensory dinner with Creed which will see renowned fragrance expert Eva Carlo and Head Chef Ben Murphy guide guests through a four-course meal and cocktail inspired by the Creed Fragrances.

The scent inspired cocktail menu runs until 9th December and the dinner takes place on 3rd December

Bicester Village Launches TATE and BFC Pop-Ups

The partnership between the BFC and The Bicester Village Shopping Collection hopes to support British designers by creating a specialised programme of business mentorship and commercial opportunity

London, 5th November 2018 

Celebrating  its  twentieth  anniversary  in  2015,  Bicester  village is one of  eleven Chic Outlet  Shopping  villages in Europe and features brands  including  Prada,  Gucci,  Dior  and  Celine. Since opening in 1995, Bicester  has  become  the ultimate  designer outlet  centre in Europe and continues to be the pioneer with its luxury shop-for-less business model which sees a host of events and collaborations throughout the year. 

Emila Wickstead

Constantly at the forefront of the luxury retail industry, the latest project from Bicester Village is the opening of the inaugural pop-up from the British Fashion Council. Open until 11th November, the unique concept of the store sees a showcase from some of Britain’s most celebrated designers elevating them to the international market and exposing them to the global clientele of the village.

With a curated edit of pieces from the likes of Christopher Kane, Nicholas Kirkwood and Roksanda to name a few, the pop-up is part of Bicester’s two-year partnership with the BFC supporting new British designers with commercial opportunities.

Alongside the BFC pop-up, Bicester Village is also currently running an exclusive experience in collaboration with TATE. The immersive space open until the end of January 2019 spans over 3,500 sq ft and offers visitors the chance to shop the world of the iconic gallery outside of its four permanent outposts. Merging the worlds of art and technology into a lifestyle-focused retail space, the pop-up also gives visitors the opportunity to create bespoke prints and sign up for TATE membership.

The easiest way to get to Bicester village is by train from London Marylebone with the journey taking just 46 minutes. For the ultimate shopper experience, The May Fair Hotel has partnered with the village to offer a VIP Shopping Package. Including a one-night stay in the luxury 5-star hotel, breakfast and a one-way transfer to London Marylebone, it’s the perfect pit-stop for a post-shop retreat.

The May Fair Hotel



The World is a mirror representing the divine life. New Cover ALERT

Berkeley Bespoke Magazine is thrilled to present its new Mirror Cover. Emulating The Art of people, a true reflection of our beauty, energy and intentions.

London, 31st October 2018 

Berkeley Bespoke Magazine is thrilled to announce the reveal of its new Mirror cover. Representing the idea of having a reflection of yourself, seeing the true beauty in you with the importance of sharing your light with the World.

Inspired by the Art of Giving back, the magazine will hold a luxurious collection of Hotels and unique destinations, Art, philanthropy and iconic people.

Berkeley Bespoke Magazine is elegantly presented in a Bespoke sleeve and we can not wait to share our next Limited Edition concept. Could you guess the Artist and the Brand?