The Black Badge Cullinan

The Black Badge Cullinan


Adding to the exclusive Black Badge collection of the marque, Rolls-Royce has debuted the Cullinan Black Badge completing the family that stands as the ultimate collection of ultra-luxe motors in the marque’s portfolio.

Reflecting the tastes of the distinguished clientele the Black Badge represents, Cullinan embodies the rebellious and unconventional codes echoed throughout the collection in an urbanised adaptation of the 4×4 bearing the namesake badge in all its glory.

Originally launched in 2018 to attract a newer generation of more adventure-savvy clients and to answer the growing demand for a luxury SUV, Cullinan was Rolls-Royce’s answer to a sleek off-road vehicle capable of voyaging through the wilderness but with all of the luxuries today’s connoisseurs look for.

Now in a revamped all-black façade, the Black Badge is expected to become one of the most sought-off variations within the line against the available 44,000 ready-to-wear colour options and allures in the signature glossy hue of night-black achieved through a vigorous layering of lacquer and hand-polishing. Complementing this monochromatic expression, the Double R badge is reimagined in a bold silver-on-black finish and the emblematic Spirit of Ecstasy is presented in a rich black chrome defining the Cullinan’s newly found alter-identity.



Other exterior modifications to the Black Badge include darkening the chrome features of the vehicle across the trim, the front grille surround, exhaust pipes and boot handle are all revisited in a darker finish adding depth to the darkness of the soon-to-be iconic edition of the model. One of the key signatures of the model is the welcome addition of dramatic 22-inch forged allow wheels exclusively available for the Black Badge Cullinan and emphasising the emblematic hallmark of an infinitely occurring lemniscate.

Adding to the overall bespoke element of the Black Badge, the Cullinan’s interior is completely customisable in an almost unlimited offering of colourways, this is in addition to the newly introduced Forge Yellow developed as a high-contrasting colourway to be offered for the leather and trim in a dramatic way of expressing the unapologetic intensity evoked by the model. The lower armrest also bears the lemniscate motif which is discreetly embroidered into the fold-down rear armrest symbolising the power and philosophy of the Black Badge and is also incorporated to the illuminated treadplates and engraved to the clock case.



Appearing as one of the most complicated headliners developed by the marque to date, the Starlight Headliner features in fine black leather, handwoven with 1344 fibre optic lights truly emanating the reflection of the night sky and eight shooting stars.



Mechanically, this enhanced version of its namesake counterpart is heightened with a 6.75-litre V12 engine delivering an increased power of 660PS and has been re-engineered for improved dynamic performance. A bespoke transmission and throttle treatment as well as an 8-speed gearbox deliver a drive tailored for off-roading but equally refined for urban city voyaging.

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